Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LUNA NEGRA and Happy Eid 1432 Hijriah

Happy Eid 1432 Hijriah to all bloggers who celebrate Hari Raya :)
here is a review about Luna Negra Restaurant that I've promised errrrmm.. beforee ? capital Y-E-A-H ...

this is the "LADIES" n_n and I will introduce them 
starting from the back row:
Lady in White is Lillian
Lady in Red-Orangey is Jean Tania
Lady in Blue Cardigan is Me :D

First Row:
Lady in Black is Vanny
Lady in Green is Cindy

the 5 of us are so called the "muncher-of-the-day" n_n
(we love to eat for another words)

so.. this is Luna Negra, another western restaurant located in Plaza Bapindo
a cozy place and it really makes u feel like being at home :)

something something smoked salmon, with garlic bread. well, i didn't try this, due to the looks of "sashimi" (i don't like raw food), but the garlic bread is awesome !

typical Spaghetti Aglio Olio - yummy :)

Baked Cheese Gnocchi. for the first try till the fourth spoon of this would be good, however, after the fourth, the marginal utility of this food would be declining.

Calzone pizzaaaa - i don't know the best word to describe, but this is goooddd. 
it is called calzone because of its cresent looks and with crispy pie texture. inside is filled with mushroom sauce, cheese, and i think beef ( i forgot lol )

i like this fresh strawberry drink (forgot the name, but it was listed under the mocktails menus with 'strawberry' hint. refreshing, sweet, and yet tasty. somehow, it reminds of strawberry milkshake

i guess most of you know this lovely scenery. YEAH ! it's chocolate molten cakeee. wihii..
served hot, with vanila ice cream.
#note: choco molten cake is the same as choco fondant cake, or the modern name for it is lava cake.
it has a gooey filling inside and it is hot, and the gooey-er it is, the better it tastes.

the price of the food is around middle-up range, but the taste of it kinda reasonable
do dress up smartly, not too formal, casual look would fit the most ;)
afterall, this is a nice restaurant to have late lunch or dinner with your friends.

Rate: 8/10
Location: Luna Negra, Plaza Bapindo

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