Thursday, August 4, 2011


Katsusei is a Modern Japanese Restaurant that serves authentic food of Japanese people (of course -__-)
It has many varieties of Japanese food, such as sushi, rice, even the appetizers and stuff. The meal is quiet price-y, but why don't you try it if you are curious about it then ;)

Typical Chicken Katsudon Set. hmmm. the food is a little bit above average and the egg does taste nice :)

This meal does look like a chicken cordon bleu, and it has a good texture, and deep-fried perfectly
still served in hot condition, just a good meal to start for.

Katsusei  is located at Plaza Indonesia, on the same floor as kitchenette, bakerzin, and marmalade pantry. 
there is no specific dresscode to eat here, casual looks would be preferable to enjoy lunch or dinner with you friends, colleagues, and even family..

Rate: 7/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

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