Friday, December 7, 2012

Opus Cafe - Plaza Indonesia

LADIES in WHITE. As the time passes by, it seems that all of us have been occupied with their own routines. i realized that it is hard to find some quality times to spend with your friends. However, i was very delighted that I could meet my two beloved ladies last saturday, to spend our weekend together for shopping, having dinner, chit-chatting, and watching Breaking Dawn part 2. Oh btw, nice ending, nice story and better plots than the first one.

Due to the confusion of us choosing the right place to have a long conversation at, we decided to eat at Opus Cafe, that exactly located besides Sushi Tei in Plaza Indonesia. I used to try it here before, with my university friends and that was when I tried its rainbow cake, and in my opinion, it is one or even the best rainbow cake that I have ever tried !! Unfortunately, when I went there, the manager said that they no longer having rainbow cakes stock. Sadly, we just order the main course without eating the rainbow cake *sigh*

LYCHEE ICED TEA - Rp38.000 / love the lychee tea in here ! very fresh, sweet, and just in the right portion. Slightly pricey for a glass of it, however, it is just enough to indulge your dinner

 FOREST MUSHROOM SOUP - RP35.000 / typical mushroom soup that has thick textures. Honestly, the portion is quite big and very generous for a normal execution of mushroom soup, that actually can be shared for 2 people. Yet, not a big fan of mushroom soup, but the taste is OK, very typical and bias.

 THE BIG BIRD BURGER - Rp55.000 / by looking at the name of the food, it seems that the giant will be so gigantic despite the very low cost for a set of burgers. However, it turns out to be really enough for one person. The thing that I like from this meal is that the truffles fries which are Deeply fried french fries that is served with truffles spices. Very tasty and also the bun from the burger is perfectly cooked. the meat itself is grilled at the right time with enough marinated sauces. Definitely, will be back soon to eat this again!

BEEF LASAGNA - Rp70.000 / typical beef lasagna and do not really recommend of eating this ALONE. very creamy, with beef chunks inside coated with melted cheese, and of course lasagna layers.

RATE: 7.5/10

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


DECEMBER. "You better watch out, you better not cry, I'm telling you why? Santa Claus is coming to town". Have you already heard this jingle right now? Yes, Christmas is coming soon, and all those jingles are ringing in my ears, from the Michael Buble version, till the Justin Bieber's Christmas Edition. December is really the month of jolly. Presents, gifts, snow ornaments, and even the santa claus costumes are being shown off in any store displays. 

having a good start of the month of December, I just went to a culinary trip with my friends. Since I have class in Binus International featuring FX Sudirman version, the building itself is definitely 'packed' with food stands, restaurants, and even hang-out places. Therefore, there is this new kopitiam (Singaporean hawker centre) just recently opened in FX, not more than a month perhaps, I summoned my 2 friends to make a try. Actually, this is not something new for me, as I used to live in Singapore before, I am pretty familiar with many kopitiams out there spreading off the road of Singapore.

So, before my class started, I had a pretty satisfying lunch with my friends, and let's take a look at those food that I tried. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I didn't bring my camera around, so I use my iPhone to document every angle. 

Kwetiaw Kangkung Sambal Terasi - Rp 28.000 / a unique combination of wet kwetiaw with sambal terasi soup and completed with kangkung that makes the taste more like indonesian. Seafood is added to give further sensation and surprisingly the taste is quite good. Well, it is not literally my favorite food out here, but, you can just give a try for any terasi lovers ;)

 Kwetiaw Sapi (Beef Kwetiaw) - Rp28.000 / When i first looked at the menu list, I was thinking that this must be the usual fried beef kwetiaw. However, when the waiter opened the claypot and I saw the rumbling hot boiled kwetiaw soup, I was wondering, this was not like we expected. My friend made the first try, and he said that it tastes good. I gave a try and I am pretty sure he was not lying that time. yes, the taste just like the usual fried beef kwetiaw, but with the additional of black soy soup. For me, it is quite acceptable and the portion was actually bigger than it looks.

Chicken Fried Rice / typical fried rice with chicken meatballs. I love the execution, it looks mouth-watering and I have never eaten a bowl of fried rice in a traditional claypot version. This is something "new" and the taste is actually so 'home-made'. it reminds me of my mom's fried rice, quite have a closer taste and actually I am kind of liking this menu. They should add a half-fried sunny side up egg to complement the total presentation and also the taste. 

 Kaya and Butter Toast - Rp15.000 / 4 thinly sliced of kaya and butter bread toast. I like the thought of it being sliced very thin, because it has just the right portion for sharing within 2 to 3 people. To make it better, they should add more kaya spread while it is hot to 'marinate' the toast deeply.

Nutella Toast - Rp15.000 / Being a vivid fan of nutella, i could just take a spoon and eat nutella like I am eating rice. Yes, I love this nutella jam, and normally I eat it with biscuits, bread, or even ice cream, as toppings. these 3 pieces of thick nutella bread did not satisfy me pretty much. I could make a better toast with more variation of presenting it. Actually, this one is kinda good, but I can make it more delicious at home. They should just thinly slice the bread, and then make it as a french toast style, and they should make a nutella jam more creative, for example with caramel crumble fillings.

QQ Kopitiam is a nice place for some teens to hang around, especially us, the Binus International students, who need a comfortable place to do assignments and projects. However, it should improve more on certain menus. the food is not that bad actually, but every person has different tasting perspective. :)

Location: QQ Kopitiam - FX Sudirman, 1st floor
Rate: 6.5/10

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cake of the month: Bali's Bakery

having a pretty tight schedule of mid term exams, I definitely have no time for social networking which includes blogging. Hence, I have finished my exams right now and actually, time flies, it's the end of the month already. November has really been quite an interesting month for me. Many things have happened in this month, many encounters with new people, and I am enjoying pretty much knowing the world.

For most of you who have been following my previous posts, you know that I went to Bali for a short vacation. Yes, I have a quick getaway with my fellow friends and I pretty much enjoyed the trip with them. So, I went to this bakery in bali, which is so called the Bali's Bakery. As I am going to review about the cake-of-the-month post, I couldn't talk much about the bakery itself. However, I am gonna make a special review about it, and the place is very hype in Bali. For me, this bakery is actually one of the BEST bakery that sells the BEST of the BEST bread, cakes, etc among all of the bakeries that I have ever tried before.


this one is my favorite ! Shocking filling inside, which is chewy marshmallow topped with milk chocolate in crunchy texture. You may never know how complicated the taste it but surprisingly, it tastes good, like very very very delicious!

In personal, I am not really the sweet-tooth type of woman. yes i do love chocolates, sweets, candies, marshmallow, but I am not that big fan of the sweetest thing on earth. I can eat them, but not as much as normal people would do. I prefer savoury and spice food over the sweet ones. 

Bali's Bakery is indeed a nice place to hang out with your friends. The place is cozy, comfortable, and also very childhood-flashback like. 
I am going to review about this place soon, so stay tune with food couture

Thursday, November 8, 2012

foodcouture goes to Bali (part 2)

Have you ever heard about the childhood movies called The Ugly Duckling? perhaps, most of us have heard it before. it is a story about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan. During its 'youth' time, it was mocked by others because it was different than other ducks. However, physical appearance and personality should not be judged similarly, as they are different in one another.

Bali is famous for its Bebek Bengil (the dirty duck diner) restaurant. From the name, we should have realized that its main menu is the duck, but it is not dirty. It was said that the location was actually used to be full of ducks, around the field area. Inspired by the supporting situation (of so many ducks around), so the owner created this traditional restaurant that serves duck as its own specialty.

 Fried Dirty Duck.
 Bebek Bengil Sambal ijo. I love the chili spice.

 The fact is, I dislike eating duck. So, I ordered this BBQ Chicken Breast with fried fries instead. Everytime I go here, this is what i always order. I like the spice and the chicken breast was fully marinated deeply till absorbed into the meat. Perfect cook of the fries, crispy, and just the exact amount of one person portion. The execution of the plate was pretty "inviting" as it is colorful, filled with steam vegetables and 2 slices of watermelon.

Pink Lotus flower. How is my photography level? Well, still an amateur, but I am trying to improve it :)
Live your life to the fullest. i was with my friend, the woman in black, playing and enjoying the shiny field inside the restaurant. It was very hot at that time and my sun block didn't really give full protection, so I was kinda sunburnt after that, with the red face like a boiling crab.

Indonesia is rich in culture and traditional food that attract tourists to go here. Being a proud Indonesian woman, I hope that the beauty of bali could give a change to our economics level to better.
Bali, a paradise, a heaven, and a home to all of us, the Indonesians, and I hope that the government could maintain its beauty and uniqueness. :)

I was wearing:
Zara white top
Clothinc black short pants
Havaianas sandals
Salvatore Ferragamo Bracelet
Toywatch watch.

Location: Bebek Bengil, Ubud, Bali
Rate: 7/10

Monday, November 5, 2012


For more than a year, I have been writing about food and fashion posts on this blog.
I feel glad that many people have recognized myself and of course my blog, and they are very happy of reading it. 

Once, i have received a mail that they asked me about some new places to celebrate birthdays, or anniversaries and stuffs. i am glad that they listened to my recommendations and they were pretty satisfied. I never thought that my blog could be this well-known to certain people this far.

At first, I didn't really know what to write, what to do, or what to talk about. I kept on trying and trying to blabber all the words that suddenly came up in my mind and voila until now, I am getting used to this. 

So, this post are just a gratitude to the readers of food-couture and I hope that you will stick to my new posts abut food and fashion.

so these are some of the supports that I received from my formspring account and I realize that there are people out there who always support me for what I wrote.

I may not be that efficient to blog daily as I need time for my works, university life, assignments, and studies. But I will try my best to at least update it once a week.

Thank you *big hugs*

foodcouture goes to bali (part 1)

Having a short trip to Bali was really like going to heaven in a blink of eye. Yes, it was short, very short period. The intention of going there was not to enjoy playing the water sports nor swimming, but to try new places that are not available in jakarta.

I was really surprised (or amazed is the right word, perhaps?) with the enlarging numbers of many new hype places in Bali, let's name some such as Rock Bar, Karma Kandara, El Kabron, etc. Those places are really very beautiful and yet the beaches are very clean and you really feel like in paradise.

For our first stop, it is Nasi Pedes Ibu Andika. For any spicy-food lovers, this a must stop-by place to go!!! Don't ask me about the spicy level, it can drive u mad haha

 Food selection  ... Very eye-catchy AND mouth-watering right?

 my food. consists of fried noodles, balinese spiced chicken, chicken floss, and quail eggs.

this was me on my way to turtle island.
PLEASE NOTE that: yes, I was still very fair at that moment, yet the next few hours I was burned as the weather was really pretty hot. My choice of bringing my yellow cambridge satchel was really a good decision, to bright up my outfit-of-the day for that looks. :)

Next stop: Karma Kandara --> sophisticated, glamorous and exotic place that should be put on the A-list. The beach is really unordinary! Clean, with blue-greenish water surface and you can see it from the restaurant.

 my drink! passion fruit with mango syrup and something haha. very refreshing, soothing, and quench your thirst. Accompanied by my sunglasses by Christian Dior.

I was wearing:

Giordano black top
Balenciaga Bracelet
Toywatch watch
Cotton on pants
Havaianas sandal
Cambridge satchel in yellow batchel
Christian Dior sunglasses
Tea labels for ClotchInc pearl necklaces.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sneak peek: foodcouture goes to BALI (part 1)

sneak peek for my 4days trip in BALI ! yay ~ an exotic island with the shiny sun all day long and you can feel the 365 days of summer in here.

for the next few posts (couldn't estimate the amount), I am going to talk about the exotic traditional food or restaurants that I visited during my short journey

Stay tune with the upcoming new and follow our instagram --> foodcouture

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cake of the month: Apple Crumble @pad28

the weather has been kind of strange lately. for a moment it can be pouring rain, at a glance, it stops and scorching hot. It is pretty unusual for now that It is seldom to rain as it is almost the end of the year. 
being a university student, I found it hard to maintain my energy. During my break time, I really need something to eat to boost my mood and energy. Ice cream and desserts have been occupying my "dietary" level for this few weeks and this one has become one of my favorite.

Pad28 apple crumble pie. Completed with vanilla ice cream, pecans peanuts, and caramel tuile.

Apple pie is one of my fav dessert, especially when it is filled with ice cream and tuiles. I love it when the crumbles are sweet and yet crunchy. Pad28's apple pie is quite satisfying and that's why I chose it as our cake of the month. 

For the next post, I am going to review about the food trip that I have in Bali. In particular, I feel so tired nowadays, and sorry for the lack of post for this month.
I am going to recover about it in our next review :)

So, stay tune with foodcouture ;)