Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Heeeeeyyy ALL !!! Special review today, about the Joy of Baking :)
hmmm. what is that? well, actually, i love baking, and my ambition is to be a young professional pattiseire. that's why, I am learning to become one..
sooo, this is my first pandan chiffon cake

so yeah, this is my first pandan chiffon cake. how was it ?

the process of making it, is not easy and yet not too difficult. you may refer to certain cookbook, or make a little creation on ur own recipe. 

certain people might be wondering that baking is a hard thing do. well, not exactly, you just need to learn the basics, and understand your utensils very well :)  and you have to get used to ur own kitchen as well..

this cake only needs eggs, cooking oil (instead of margarine and butter), water, flour, and pandan paste, and santan.. these ingredients are easy to be found, just go the nearby market or supermarket to get these.

i am not gonna rate my own cake hahahaha, cause it will be unfair >_< let others judge on it :)
after all, this cake is good for having your teatime or as  a simple snack. 

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