Wednesday, August 17, 2011



greetings from the bloggers ;) and I wanna blurt out certain questions that many people asked recently

Q. Did you really eat all the food reviewed here?
- Yeah, definitely, if I don't, then how could I review?

Q. Why do you make a food blog?
-  Actually, this comes from the encouragement that my friends show. however, it turns out to enrich the knowledge about culinary in Indonesia *ceilah bahasa gue*

Q. Do you want to be a pattiserie? Why?
- errmm. out of topics but I will answer. I love baking and that won't change me.  it's challenging and pretty interesting. 

Q. How long it has been since you made this blog?
- not even a MONTH, yet ! but i have many viewers, for almost 700 people in 2-3 weeks time :) and also people outside Indonesia, such as Korea, Singapore, Australia, USA, and etc. thank you :)

Q. Any messages to your readers?
- thank you for viewing this food blog, spread it among your friends. and thank you for the likes as well. see you :D

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