Sunday, December 25, 2011


Here I am, ARCHANGELA GIRLANI ELVIRA SANJAYA aka VIVI, specially wishing all of you

Merry Christmas 2011, May God Bless you abundantly
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Daddy Jesus, I love YOU. Hope you have a blissful birthday celebrated by all people around the world 

By the way, I am not the Brand Icon nor the ambassador of Mad For Garlic. hahahaha. This was just another shot to review other restaurants. My outfit that day really suits Christmas atmosphere Red and Green. Spent my Christmas eve by attending Church, and gonna spend the rest of holiday going to Korea... Have a blissful winter holidays bloggers and viewers. ;) Not gonna review or post anything till next year


Friday, December 23, 2011

gorgeous Christmas Cake

Recently, I received this Christmas Cake from one of my father's friends. This was nicely wrapped and the design is too cute that I don't feel like cutting it !!
This Christmas Cake was actually a chocolate-mocha roll cake which was covered with some marshmallow-texture white icing, and other Christmas decorations icing on top of it.
how bout the taste? The taste is as good as it looks, yummy-licious !!!
The roll cake is not sweet and i love the icing.

Welcome to the family. Finally, my second wishlist came true. well, the color is not I have been wishing for. but this new baby is surprisingly gorgeous :*
Just bought it this morning and i just couldnt wait to wear it.
I love the color, and it shows the Christmas atmosphere already, with the gold studs ornaments, the bracelet is just as perfect as the blue one (HERE)

Tin Pan Alley in Jakarta (Indonesia)

Christmas is just 2 days away, have you asked for any Christmas gift yet? Well, my Christmas present this year is going for an 8 days trips to Korea and my family and I gonna spend the New Year there :)
by the way, I made a special request to review about Tin Pan Alley from one of my viewers/followers. Hope you enjoy this :D

One of the best red velvet that I have ever tried ! love the sweet creamy thing on top. It is sooo tasty that makes me wanna have it for moreeeee ! High recommendation from me to try this red velvet. it is not too sweet but just has the right taste :D
Tin Pan Alley is another restaurant that is located in UOB Plaza (Where Pesto and Tony Romas are located as well). I love the design interior in Tin Pan Alley, quite, not too big, and elegant as well. Best for having a dinner with your friends or partners
By the way, they are having a special Christmas menu such as: Roasted Turkey with gravy and canberry sauce, and homemade panacota with strawberry sauce. there are special Christmas drinks like Classic Eggnog and original Hot Wine.

Spare some time with your friends to enjoy the Christmas menu and also don't forget to make reservations especially during the weekends!

Semi-formal outwear will suit the atmosphere around :)

 with my friends: Me (in Black n Purple), Heidi (middle), Eugene
 my food partner in crime as well as helping in taking all the photos :D - Bryan Andrean Putra

Rate: 8.5/10
Location: UOB Plaza, Thamrin.

For Questions and Answers you can just email me here: or just leave comments below. Thanks :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

these are the audiences/viewers from many different countries.
Indonesia has definitely had the most viewers
btw, thanks for keeping on viewing this blog. thanks for the comments and also the feedbacks

hugs and kisses :*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


How many of you know these gorgeous luggage tote from CELINE? yeah, theses fabulous items are my most favorite bag of the year !!! love the cute design and the color tone that suits to teenagers as well as adults.
among of many CELINE bags, these are my favorite ones :


When people ask me which CELINE should I choose among these, my answers would therefore always be the same: "I COULDN'T CHOOSE WHICH ONE" yeahhh. i wish i could have all of them.

if i were (using were, because it would be impossible to choose) to pick one, I would choose the fluffy bag with white feather. WHY? it is cute and yet special and unique. and so far, never seen someone using that bag before. I love the orange as well. but it would be hard for me to suit which clothes, and also i have already had an orange bag.
The black bag and the black and white combination would have been my second and third option. the color is natural and yet it can suit to any types of clothes. 
the yellow one is perfect for this upcoming spring and summer, and the last one, the nude, gosh !!! that would the runner up after the fluffy bag..

but the big prob is: I COULDNT CHOOSE ANY OF THESE!

so.. which one is your fav then?

Opera Blanc

As promised before, on the previous post about "GIGANTIC PIZZA", here is another food post about Opera Blanc.
Sorry for the lack of new posts these few days or months I guess, due to the piles of projects going on for   my university life. But the good thing is... Winter holiday is coming soon :) yay ~
I might not be updating my blog for 8 days, from 26th Dec to 2nd Jan, I will be going to Korea
(there will be a special post for this!)

This was taken from my seating-view and I edited the tone color of that evening. I went here with my two best buddies, Kevin and Bryan, my partners-in-crime for FOOD :D
Mostly, I try different types of food with these two people, and sometimes, they give me the recommendations which resto should I try.

GIGANTIC PIZZA ! haha. i forgot the name but if I am not mistaken, this is OPERA BLANC specialty. you can have two toppings on 1 pizza :D
There were 3 of us, 2 boys, and myself a girl, and we could not finish this up.
this is way toooooo MUCH!

this is our bill. Isn't it cute? Bryan, kevin, and I spent 3 hours here for enjoying our early dinner.
It is really nice place where you can have a long chit-chat with your friends.
the place is cozy and comfortable, and suitable for us the teens

Location: Pacific Place
Rate: 8/10

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Preview about this GIGANTIC PIZZA !

Can any of you guess what kind of pizza is this and the 'actual' size of it?

this is a sneak peek for the next post ;) check it out !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

yellow + tangerine = perfect combination

this picture was taken 2 or 3 weeks ago while I was having a trip to Bogor and Puncak with my friends.
(more pictures will be uploaded on other previews later on)

love the perfect combination of yellow and tangerine together, it looks "fresh" especially during these rainy days in Indonesia which are gloomy with dark grey skies.
My outfit on that day was casual, yeah nothing much to put on due to lots of activities were going to do.
other picts will be soon posted, just wait for other posts on my Bogor trips :D

I was wearing:

Forever 21 3/4 grey sweater
Pull and Bear short jeans pants
Toywatch Transparent Watch
Michael Kors Hamilton Bag in Tangerine
Rubi Shoes in Yellow

Christmas Atmosphere

Yihaaa 15 more days to Christmas and I couldnt wait for the-most-beautiful time of the year :)
besides about the presents and food, Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus who has become our Saviour.

so I am gonna post the Christmas atmosphere in my own house which my mum has done a lot of things to our Christmas tree :)

This is our Christmas Tree :) and my mum has put a lot of efforts in decorating it.
thank you mommy :*
This tree is originally quite big, and I love the blue essence on this tree.with blue and white decorations
just couldn't wait for my winter holiday to come :)

Yay ~ One of my wishlist comes true. New Balenciaga Bag in Bleu Atlantique
What an early Christmas prezzie huh?

MilleFeuille... by The Marmalade Pantry (Indonesia), one of my fav dessert all the time.
have yourself a sweet treat during this Christmas and enjoy the sweetest thing that you ever taste

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, with many lights hanging on the Christmas trees and i love all the decorations that are put on them. 
We are heading to the year of 2012 and many things have changed a lot this year
I have new friends, new experiences, new feelings, and many new things that keep on changing :)

Have an early Christmas for all of you 


Sunday, December 4, 2011


Toywatch Watch, Levi's short pants, my mother's clothes

sorry for the lack of time that I have these few days, that i havent got the chance to update new posts.

well. i've been hectic for universities, works, assignments, and the journey from my house to my univ
* yeah, thanks to the "wonderful" traffic that i have been facing on this week in jakarta *

gonna upload next post soon ;) and it's about food.

see you in the next post :*

winter is definitely coming, couldn't wait for my winter trip this dec