Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marmalade Pantry

heylooo bloggers, from all over the world, greetings from Indonesia, hehehe

yeahhh.. just jump into the point. so I am writing this due to the new post on my foodblog

the reason is because, I am now slacking around, nothing to do, just sitting down on my couch, doing nth

hmm.. yeah today's new post is about Marmalade Pantry, a cute, cozy, warming restaurant in Plaza Indonesia.
I went there wif a bunch of 3 ladies, and settled down for dessseeerrts after having early dinner @Chili's (gonna be new updates later/sooner)

strawberry mille feuille. it's small but enough for sharing within 2 people. i love the creme inside the layers.

Hot chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream.. soooo yummy... but I still love the fondant cake from Luna Negra much much better. but this cake aint that bad after all. not too sweet either ;)

I know all of these food are guilty pleasure but when in times u r in a curious situation, u really wanna know how does it taste like, esp on their appearances are soo mouth-watering 
hahahahhaa.. gonna have to exercise moreee after eating these T__T

the exact location of Marmalade Pantry is nearby Kitchennete and it is exactly located besides Katsusei and a restroom. it won't be hard for you to find it btw.

Rate. 7/10
Location: Marmalade Pantry, Plaza Indonesia

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