Tuesday, October 25, 2011


some of us might believe for some HOCUS POCUS that there are still question marks towards them.. we're living in a 21st century and yet some of us are true enough to be tooo superstitious.

so here are some lists:

1. bad luck number 13 and 4. 4 in chinese is read as DIE !
2. don't walk under the ladder -.-" .. no idea what it resembles of
3. according to korean myth, do not wash your hair a day before exams. WHY? coze, we might forget what we have learnt the previous nite \.. ridiculous huh ??
4. black cat is "unlucky". if it hops on the corpse, the dead person will "wake" up from the death. hah ? is that true ? still a mystery -.-"
5. DO NOT TRY THIS! el zippo ! well, if u stand and look at the mirror with an apple and a knife when the clock strike exactly at 12 MIDNIGHT, u might see ur future husband, or maybe the other way around. hmmmmm... i nvr try this hahhaa..
6. nvr hums at night because you'll attract the "unseen" ones.
7. do not shout at any names during the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL, because the "unseen" ones will resemble any of the names. try to be home before 7 pm.
8. if a photo of yourself, your families or your siblings has fallen from where it's supposed to be, that means something bad has happened towards that person. even death. (I believe this one)

well, i guess that's all that I know. i might add up some if i know more.. 

p.s: do not mean to be spooky with red-highligght, just wanna assume some spooky-sensation =P