Monday, November 28, 2011

My Little Sister - Erika Sanjaya

many of you might not know that I have sisters. Yea, I have 2 small sisters, the first one is 15-going-to-16 this upcoming New Year (she was born exactly on the 1st Jan) and the smallest is 9-going-to-10.

So, introducing my smallest sister, Erika Sanjaya:

Erika Sanjaya for Canon. This was taken by my mother's friend for a photo competition held by Canon

 this was me and her, I always tell her: If you want to skate, just skate with your heart, with no force

this is during christmas show few years ago, as she was doing axel jump. she was just 7 years old at that time.

the three of us used to skate together. however, i stopped skating when I have to study overseas few years back then. But, I am still missing how to skate until now, even though i dont wanna continue it anymore. My second sister stopped as well and left with Erika. She has been competing with other skaters worlwide, such as from England, SouthEast Asia countries, and Dubai, during many competitions held both in Indonesia as well as other countries.

After all, I am very proud of her, my lovely sissy! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas WishList !

Hay.. Christmas atmosphere is coming to town.
these are the lists for my Christmas Wish-List
well, of course i couldnt have all of them. but it is a wish 
just hoping that it will come true :)

The theme for my wishlist is something blue-ish :D
(blue is my fave color after all)

these are my wish-list. I am just hoping that i could get one of these.

so.. tell me which are your favorite ones !

1. Balenciaga Triple Tour Bracelet
2. Balenciaga City Bag
3. Christian Louboutin Heels (SPARKLING BLUE <3)
4. Celini Mini Luggage Tote
5. Balenciaga City Bag in Vieux Rose (love this one so much!)
6. Salvatore Ferragamo Flats.

anw, do u know where can I get the number 1? it is so hard to find that color !
please share the info. thanks :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Self-Photo

hay bloggers ... this a random shoot during last summer when I spent my holiday in China. 
it turned out to look kinda artistic  hahahaha.
the above one is the original photo of myself.

this is me, becoming the model of Guess Summer Collection. LOLS
i was just joking guys. This photo was edited by my friend and he turned out to edit it up like this.
hahahahaha ... thanks to my friend for editing it ;)

Winter holiday is coming in 1 month. What are your plans for the hols?
later on, i am gonna post some winter fashion-styles that all of you can try out.

I was wearing:


Happy Bday Ivana (in Social House)

Yay ~ exam is ooo-ooo-verrrrrr. Holiday's atmosphere is coming to town already.
i just cant wait for my winter and christmas holidays to come and i just neeed some holidays and relaxations of hardworks from university life 

well, this post is a tribute for my friend, ivana, who has a bday on the 14th of November, and we are just able to give her a surprise on the 19 November in Social House. Happy Bday Ivana. :)

Mozarella Cheese Bread filled with tomato sauce. 4 pieces of crispy fried bread with cheese filling inside. super yummy :)

Passion Fruit Ice Tea. Fresh and sweet with good combination from the passion fruit :)

 Ivana's Birthday Cake. Chocolate Molten Cake. one of the best molten cake I have ever tried ! love the gooey choco fillings inside. not too sweet but just perfect 

my favorite cake, millefeuille.

Marinated Baby BBQ Chicken. a nice roasted chicken wif marinated sauce and served with dices of roasted and chicken and sambal terasi. YUMMY!!!!

Nutella CHOCO Milkshake with Marshmallow toppings :D. these kind of drinks always remind me of cold rainy days when you are sitting in a living room with a book on your right hand, and a cup of hot choco with marshmallow on your left. sweet, elegant, and yet simple. a good friend for your tea-time with a pice of velvet cake or some cupcakes :)
here is another post of choco-marshmallow drink on ONCE UPON A HOT CHOCOLATE

Social House is a good restaurant to have ur dinner and lunch served.
well-dressed would be appropriate cause this place is normally visited by many socialites and some middle-up people :)

Location: Social House, Grand Indonesia
Rate: 8/10

Monday, November 21, 2011

M.O.F Japanese

okey so this is a Desert Post from M.O.F Japanese located in Plaza Indonesia

i love the ice cream, it is soft, creamy, and not tooo sweet
these are toppings with vanilla ice cream
i want to try with macha (green tea), but there is no stock
you may share them with friends and try different flavors for each type

after all, this is a good desert after having heavy lunch or light dinner :)

Random SUNday Post

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning last morning, and I just have no energy to remove the blanket away from me. hahaha. yeah, the weather was really nice but the sun was scorching again in afternoon. 
When will Indonesia have snowy day? that's impossible, oh yes, it is !

I went no where yesterday, just went to church and have late dinner with the fam. sorry no food posts for yesterday's dinner, due to no camera was brought with me :(
so these are the random posts that I took yesterday :)

 My Blue Macbook Case that fits perfectly for my Macbook Pro
i always love any items which are covered in blue 

 this is my Sony Cybershot Camera and my 25s Polaroid
too bad they don't have any of these in blue colors. These 2 are the "must-bring" item when I go out.
sometimes, i seldom to bring my polaroid if I am bringing mini bags or clutches. but the camera, I am going to use to shoot pictures with friends and also the foooooood ...
have been using this camera for few years and I still love it :)

 Tory Burch Continental Zip Wallet in brown and my iPhone 4G.

 My favorite part of my room. This is the half part of my room that only includes my weardrobes, sofa, and my make-up mirror session.
the other half-part is for my bed, television, and bathroom 

 My second macbook pro in purple casing. well, this is actually my sister's macbook, but i sometimes use it because hers is the latest macbook pro with faster processor and due to my laziness to charge my macbook as well

my blackberry (THE_CANNOT_FORGET-TO-BRING_ITEM!) and my new SLR yay~ ! 
my dad bought for me this new NEX-5N by Sony SLR during his business trip to China
thanks daddy, i love you :*
i am going to seldom bring this slr, due to it is big and kinda heavy and i prefer the small one
but this one is definitely a must have item.

I didnt go anywhere last sunday, but i spent the whole saturday with my beloved friends
anyway, i am going to upload food posts later on ;)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ladies Night Out ! #Singapore Version

Hellow Bloggers ! greetings from my cozy room. 
I am going to post about how I spent my summer-weekend holidays few months ago in Singapore.
 So, here we are 3 ladies were having a dinner in Kudeta, Marina Bay Singapore. I am the one in black clothes.

 this is my first polaroid 25s. I love the cute design.

 this is the few of the Marina Bay Skywalk. The view is great, especially at the night. you can see the whole singapore down there... take a stray walk after a romantic dinner in Kudeta restaurant

this is me, with my best friend, Kristin Evelyn 'EVIL' Teddy. hahaha. my foood-partner-in-crime. sorry for the blurry result :(

as an university student, i need a break somehow. i wanna have a relaxation moment, when no tasks have been given with packed deadlines...
anyway, having my Product n Brand Test tmrw. wish me luck ;)

I was wearing:

Zara Zipper Skirt in Brown
Batwing shirt from Peapod Shop
Toywatch Watch in Gem Collection
Glittered Owl Necklace from Forever 21
LongChamp Bag, Great Wall of China Limited Edition
Tory Burch Reva Pewter Glitter Flat 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Futuristic Life.

I was thinking what would i become to be in the future? Will I become a good wife, who will cook for my hubby and kiddos? Will I Become a successful woman in the future and lead the business wif my hubby?

How I wish that I could just sit like that without doing anything such as working or studying for the rest of my life, and get every single thing that I've been wishing for ! grrrr. when will that 'holy' day come to my life?

Definitely, we have to strive for the goals that we wanna achieve. You can just slack around and with a snap of your finger, your wishes will come true. Hardwork is needed for every snap that you want. 

but, I am not being hypocrite here, yeahh, I want to be a woman who has the magazines on her hand, her blackberry, iphone, or other future gadgets along with her, and other facilities that I deserve.
in fact, this is a reality, and we have to be realistic here..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Playground

Yeay, food-couture is back to new updates. hahaha. this time I am going to review about Playground, a new restaurant in Plaza Indonesia. Loving the concept of this restaurant, dark essence, with dim lights, and you eat at a swing seat or merry-go-round seat.

too bad, i didnt try neither of the seats due to limitations of people in there.

so let's start with the first menu:

 Katsutti - Deep fried Chicken Katsu served with creamy spaghetti underneath

 Bomb Cheese Burger . Love the fries

 The brown thingy on top of the bun is actually COCO CRUNCH. 
don't believe it? 

 Chicken PopCorn :D 

 Chicken Wing 

 Insanity Rice. uhhh. I love this food the best !! fried rice with chicken slice and other commodities combined together. really worth to try !!!!!!

 Egg in the Hole ! the name is so cute. and i love this roasted bread served with half cooked egg and nuggets under it.

Can you guess what is this ???? it is Mille-feuille.
don't be shocked, coze I was stunned when this arrived. it didnt look like normal mille-feuille
however, i always love some creamy sweet rum things for dessert :)

I went there with a bunch of my campus friends. Gonna upload their photos soon ;) AND i really had lotsa fun wif them, chit-chatting for the whole dinner :)

Location: Playground, Plaza Indonesia
Rate: 8/10

Monday, November 14, 2011


Heylowww bloggers. it's beeeen decades that I havent posted any new updates.

i am so sorry for that..

anyway, I am kinda busy for these moments due to mid-exam and some preps.
 I was thinking lately, that i am gonna change this blog into something more special
i'm going to review about daily life-style, fashions, and of course still food !!!!

What do u guys think??

ohhh btw, i have accounting test coming up.

Bless me for that ! see you in the next post.

My nerdie looks for 'celebrating' exam week hahaha

I was wearing:

Giordano T-Shirt
Fashion-geek glasses from an outlet in FX (forget the place)
Toywatch Watch.