Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LUNA NEGRA and Happy Eid 1432 Hijriah

Happy Eid 1432 Hijriah to all bloggers who celebrate Hari Raya :)
here is a review about Luna Negra Restaurant that I've promised errrrmm.. beforee ? capital Y-E-A-H ...

this is the "LADIES" n_n and I will introduce them 
starting from the back row:
Lady in White is Lillian
Lady in Red-Orangey is Jean Tania
Lady in Blue Cardigan is Me :D

First Row:
Lady in Black is Vanny
Lady in Green is Cindy

the 5 of us are so called the "muncher-of-the-day" n_n
(we love to eat for another words)

so.. this is Luna Negra, another western restaurant located in Plaza Bapindo
a cozy place and it really makes u feel like being at home :)

something something smoked salmon, with garlic bread. well, i didn't try this, due to the looks of "sashimi" (i don't like raw food), but the garlic bread is awesome !

typical Spaghetti Aglio Olio - yummy :)

Baked Cheese Gnocchi. for the first try till the fourth spoon of this would be good, however, after the fourth, the marginal utility of this food would be declining.

Calzone pizzaaaa - i don't know the best word to describe, but this is goooddd. 
it is called calzone because of its cresent looks and with crispy pie texture. inside is filled with mushroom sauce, cheese, and i think beef ( i forgot lol )

i like this fresh strawberry drink (forgot the name, but it was listed under the mocktails menus with 'strawberry' hint. refreshing, sweet, and yet tasty. somehow, it reminds of strawberry milkshake

i guess most of you know this lovely scenery. YEAH ! it's chocolate molten cakeee. wihii..
served hot, with vanila ice cream.
#note: choco molten cake is the same as choco fondant cake, or the modern name for it is lava cake.
it has a gooey filling inside and it is hot, and the gooey-er it is, the better it tastes.

the price of the food is around middle-up range, but the taste of it kinda reasonable
do dress up smartly, not too formal, casual look would fit the most ;)
afterall, this is a nice restaurant to have late lunch or dinner with your friends.

Rate: 8/10
Location: Luna Negra, Plaza Bapindo

Sunday, August 28, 2011

 hello bloggers ! how's ur weekend? fun? boring? alone? well, you name it ^^ so ... i have been spending my weekends with these people (pictures above) 
- spent my late afternoon at Luna Negra (next review will be about it) with the ladies
- continued my evenings with the Binusians at Zenbu Muara Karang.

currently, getting bored outta my mind of hanging out at the malls. -_-" 
then i realized it is more fun to spend your days chit-chatting with your friends and talk about your new surroundings, problems, and just share it out to them, and find a quiet place such as restaurant, cafe, or maybe your respective houses.

as i am getting bored with malls, this is how i spent my last weekends, so.. how do you guys spend your weekends then? =) share it with us !

freshen up your day with SALAD !

do you believe that I DISLIKE salad? why? how come? yeahh.. i have always received that typical kind of questions. the reason is because they aren't cooked and i don't really like some mustards or mayonaise on my food. that's why I don't really love having salad for my starters or as my dietary meal. however, i reviewed this post is because i want to compare two different salads from two different restaurants ;) 

#notes: my friends ate these, so i asked 'bout their opinions. ;)

 tadaaaa ~ the first one is CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD from Secret Recipe
hmmm. i love the taste of the chicken, deep-fried, crispy, and yet juicy :) 
my friends said they dont really like the sauce of the salad, it tastes weird. 
but most of them love the chicken too.

NOSTREDAUM SALAD (I don't really know how to spell the name lol) from Pizza Marzano.
i love how the salad looks like, it is colorful, and yet attractive. the veggie looks fresh and so green
my fav thing from this dish is the little round buns (can u see it?) at the side of the dish.
it is so chewyyyyyy, and tastes so garlic ! love it :D
as usual, it is my friend who tasted this, she said that she liked the salad.
the sauce and veggies are fresh and yet tasty. 
and also, she likes the buns as well ! yaaay to BUNS n__n

so the winner is the *drummmm....rolllll.....* 

yeah... from friends' reviews this salad tastes better :)

 special GUEST STAR today : TaBoeBoe, from Food Plaza Pantai Indah Kapuk
it is called Tahu Bulat and with bbq or cheese seasonings on top.
it is deep-fried and served while hot.
it is quite nice, and it only costs Rp 7000 / 20 small pieces (just like at the picture)
wanna try some? ;) kill your curiosity and go there, as the place also sells many types of food.

Friday, August 26, 2011

din tai fung

dim sum has ever been every chinese people's favorite, and you can have dim sums every morning in any chinese restaurants downtown.

many of you have ever heard about Din Tai Fung, haven't you? well, from the name, we could conclude that it is a chinese restaurant (typical typical) :) .. Din Tai Fung is probably one of my fav chinese restaurant (you can find these kind of restaurants a lot in Jakarta) and it is Halal, so the Muslims are able to eat here as well. (the resto I am talking about is in the Gedung Arcadia, Senayan, as there are many Din's resto in Jakarta) so here we gooooo .... 

 fried crispy bun filled with black sesame. goshh, this is heavenly delicious. highly recommended for desserts or starters 

 mango pudding. 
 the centre of attraction of this bun is the melted salted egg sauce inside. the more gooey it is, the better it is.

 chicken dumplings ! the best !!
 forgot the real name, i guess: mango crispy chicken, i dont really like it anyway
 spicy wantan. aaaa... i totally love it :D love the spicy-ness and also it is best served while hot.

 chicken and prawn siew-may, damn, i could eat the whole basket aloneeee ^^

japanese tofu with beef floss. i dont really like this, but i love the beef floss :D

 i couldnt resist everytime my dad brings me to any chinese resto, cause i love chinese foods ! especially with something fried, crispy, and salty

this place is actually a good one to be spent with your family for any Sunday's family occasion :)

no specific codes for this resto here, just dress up casually 

Location: Din Tai Fung, Gedung Arcadia, Senayan (nearby Plaza Senayan)
Rate: 8.5/10

Sunday, August 21, 2011

once upon a HOT CHOCOLATE

Pancious' hot chocolate marshmallow 

autumn is almost around the corner, prepare yourself with some comfortable warm outfits ;)
complete your autumn season with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow toppings (hmmm. my fave)

i have always loved any windy days or seasons, it's comfortable, cozy, and yet soothing. unlike any weather in summer, i can conquer the coldness in both winter and autumn. i hate hot places, i prefer a cold and windy one. to warm my body up, mostly i love to drink milk coffee, or hot milk tea. it is the best thing to do after all

soo, cheers ! have yourself a cup of hot marshmallow chocolate ;)

P.S: you can actually make this at home by yourself. it is easy, trust me :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

all about CHEESECAKES!

yay ! exams are done ... soo, i have times to updates this blog ;)

all right, today's topic is about cheesecake. many of you love cheese and cake, and when you combine them, you will get a cheesecake.. hahhaha.
cheesecake varies in terms of flavors and tastes. there are blueberry cheesecakes, strawberry, vanila, and also chocolate cheesecake, depends on your individual taste :)

 chocolate cheesecake, G8 Cafe, Ruko Metrobroadway, Pantai Indah Kapuk

 Baked cheesecake - Secret Recipe

 Chocolate mousse cake - Cheesecake Factory. NIce !
 Strawberry Cheesecake - Cheesecake Factory. my all-time fav, highly recommended

blueberry cheesecake - Secret Recipe

my fav cheesecake is definitely strawberry cheesecake from cheesecake factory ( @tomang )
the sweetness is just right and the meringue-like cream melts in my mouth and it is soft

everyone has their own fav cheesecake, what are yours then? 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011



greetings from the bloggers ;) and I wanna blurt out certain questions that many people asked recently

Q. Did you really eat all the food reviewed here?
- Yeah, definitely, if I don't, then how could I review?

Q. Why do you make a food blog?
-  Actually, this comes from the encouragement that my friends show. however, it turns out to enrich the knowledge about culinary in Indonesia *ceilah bahasa gue*

Q. Do you want to be a pattiserie? Why?
- errmm. out of topics but I will answer. I love baking and that won't change me.  it's challenging and pretty interesting. 

Q. How long it has been since you made this blog?
- not even a MONTH, yet ! but i have many viewers, for almost 700 people in 2-3 weeks time :) and also people outside Indonesia, such as Korea, Singapore, Australia, USA, and etc. thank you :)

Q. Any messages to your readers?
- thank you for viewing this food blog, spread it among your friends. and thank you for the likes as well. see you :D


Happy independence day all ! let's celebrate our national's 66th independence with full of spirits. yay ~

soo long bloggers, i haven't updated this blog. hahaha. yah, been kinda busy for these few days :D

today's review is about OCHA&BELLA restaurant, located in Menteng, jakarta pusat.
the place is quite classy yet has the woody-essence which makes it more minimalis (idk the english term for it). I went there with my two partner-in-crime friends, and one of them treated us here for his birthday :D .. so let's jump to the menu now
 panna cota. it actually tastes delicious, but, it is not too sweet :( i prefer sweeter one.
still recommended tho`

 pizza seafood (forgot the real name). nice ! fresh and yet crispy at the same time

 comes along with the panna cotta, authentic dark-chocolate syrup

 ravioli. soo cheesy and yet tasty ! i love this kind of food with full of cheese on top!

 ICE LYCHEE TEA. love it love it love it.. recommended :D

awwwww. this is very very delicious.. the chocolate ain't so sweet and the creme inside is not too dominant as well. :)

recently, i have seen many reviews about this place of having not-so-friendly waiters/waitresses.
for me, they are totally fine and they served us pretty awesome :)
they took our orders patiently and they even helped us out of choosing the right menu
the food itself is not that bad and the desserts are AWESOME ! 
it's a nice place to have a long chit-chat with friends, and i spent almost 4 to 5 hours at this place

definitely come here again soon for the ravioli and the chocomousse (last pict).

Rate: 8/10

Location: OCHA&BELLA, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BUSY u__u

heylooo all bloggers. sorry can't update any food-tainment these few days
i have final exams coming up T__T and several events

but whenever i have time to slack around, definitely gonna post and update more

soooo. seeee you around !!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ninety-Nine Restaurant

Ninety-nine is a new western restaurant (recently opened in November 2010) almost one year ago, and I just made some quality time with my fellows to enjoy a nice authentic brunch-ner ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner ) since I did have neither lunch nor breakfast, and it was almost 5 pm when dinner should start. haha

The restaurant itself is located at the centre of Grand Indonesia, and it was exactly nearby the Ranch market 99. it is quite an astonishing place to hang out due to many rich indonesians particularly eating here, and the price of certain food quite expensive, and it will be full on the weekends.

 Nasi Bebek Goreng. The green chili spice is definitely very hot but it tastes delicious tho`
served with hot rice, some potato chips, and prawn crackers.

 Appetizers to start with: chili fries. it is served with a bowl of melted cheese and chili minced bbq meat and the taste is quite good. the fries are deeply-fried and crispy.

it also serves asian Indonesian food such as Nasi goreng (fried rice) served with fried egg, and prawn crackers.

I actually recommend this place if you wanna have both asian and western food at the same time (regardless its high price) and the place is quite cozy and comfortable for having your meals. 
most visitors are towards the high-end societies, and many socialites are gathering here on the weekends.

No specific dresscodes are required, just a nice casual outfit would complement your style, and do dress smart-ly.

Rate: 7.5/10
Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Heeeeeyyy ALL !!! Special review today, about the Joy of Baking :)
hmmm. what is that? well, actually, i love baking, and my ambition is to be a young professional pattiseire. that's why, I am learning to become one..
sooo, this is my first pandan chiffon cake

so yeah, this is my first pandan chiffon cake. how was it ?

the process of making it, is not easy and yet not too difficult. you may refer to certain cookbook, or make a little creation on ur own recipe. 

certain people might be wondering that baking is a hard thing do. well, not exactly, you just need to learn the basics, and understand your utensils very well :)  and you have to get used to ur own kitchen as well..

this cake only needs eggs, cooking oil (instead of margarine and butter), water, flour, and pandan paste, and santan.. these ingredients are easy to be found, just go the nearby market or supermarket to get these.

i am not gonna rate my own cake hahahaha, cause it will be unfair >_< let others judge on it :)
after all, this cake is good for having your teatime or as  a simple snack. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Katsusei is a Modern Japanese Restaurant that serves authentic food of Japanese people (of course -__-)
It has many varieties of Japanese food, such as sushi, rice, even the appetizers and stuff. The meal is quiet price-y, but why don't you try it if you are curious about it then ;)

Typical Chicken Katsudon Set. hmmm. the food is a little bit above average and the egg does taste nice :)

This meal does look like a chicken cordon bleu, and it has a good texture, and deep-fried perfectly
still served in hot condition, just a good meal to start for.

Katsusei  is located at Plaza Indonesia, on the same floor as kitchenette, bakerzin, and marmalade pantry. 
there is no specific dresscode to eat here, casual looks would be preferable to enjoy lunch or dinner with you friends, colleagues, and even family..

Rate: 7/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all about macarons !

 this is my first homemade macarons. it's not that hard, but need a lot of steps

many of us have been mistaken with saying macaroons instead of macarons. What is the difference?
MACARONS (just like all the pictures shown here) is a meringue-like cookie which has a soft texture on the middle, and crispy on its crust.
whereas with MACAROONS (picture is at the most bottom of this session) is almost the same as macarons, but it is mixed with coconuts, and it has harder texture and mostly served with shaved-coconuts. both are delicious, but MACARONS are more popular indeed.
 sorry for the bad image, but it has a great taste despite of its looks :D my first after all ;)
(anyway, I am a semi-amateur pasttisier :D, learning to become a proffesional one)

 Bakerzin Macarons (Jakarta, Indonesia)- Not highly recommended, it has the texture of any macaron, but not the taste :x

 TWG's Macarons (Singapore) - Super Highly Recommended! the best macarons I have ever tasted. 
this Caramel Macarons (Black) and Moroccan with Green Tea fillings Macarons (White)

 Perfect combinations with TWG's Tea (didn't drink it, hardly to get sleep in the night after having tea) for your tea-time, also with cheesecake pie and Caramel macarons

A dozen of macarons with all the flavors. bought this as a souvenir for my beloved sister, Vina, due to her jealousy of me eating this. hehe.. Isn't colorful yet mouth-watering? you say :D

Source: Google Image
This is what we called MACAROONS (reminder, with double 'O'). took this pict from google, as you can see in the pict, the brown color on top is the caramelized shaved-coconut. 

i guess it is enough with this macarons sections, hope you learn something new, which is macarons are different with macaroons. ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Buka Puasa with something Sweet and Cold ;)

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa :) bagi yang merayakan nya. 

Here are some sweet tips for your Buka Puasa.

Ice Blended Cookies 'n' Cream - D' Excelso

For any cookies 'n' Cream lovers, this is the perfect drink for your buka puasa. You can make this at home, by using oreos, ice cubes, water, and milk, and voila, you can have it in a blink of eye. 
You might ask me for tips on making this :)

Ice Blended Green Tea - D' Excelso

This fresh and yet healthy drink is good to be consumed. it is not too sweet but very refreshing. Add low-fat milk if you want to have a perfect taste for this drink but still wanting in a good body-shape

Lychee in Coconut - Rasane 

orange juice with coconut, common things that we have heard before. But how about mixing coconut with lychee? DELICIOUS ! the taste is really nice with the combination of the sweetness from lychee and coconut water. 

my all time fav ES PODENG - Taman Palem

have you ever tried this ice cream before? you better try it !!! this is the most delicious ice cream that abang" has ever sold !! mixed with avocado, chocolate milk (sometimes choco syrups), dices of bread, and ketan item, this combination blends perfectly in your tongue ! this ice cream is hard to find, and the recent place i have known is at Palem and nearby my campus area. If you have found this ice cream nearby ur house, dont hesitate too much, directly order it !