Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all about macarons !

 this is my first homemade macarons. it's not that hard, but need a lot of steps

many of us have been mistaken with saying macaroons instead of macarons. What is the difference?
MACARONS (just like all the pictures shown here) is a meringue-like cookie which has a soft texture on the middle, and crispy on its crust.
whereas with MACAROONS (picture is at the most bottom of this session) is almost the same as macarons, but it is mixed with coconuts, and it has harder texture and mostly served with shaved-coconuts. both are delicious, but MACARONS are more popular indeed.
 sorry for the bad image, but it has a great taste despite of its looks :D my first after all ;)
(anyway, I am a semi-amateur pasttisier :D, learning to become a proffesional one)

 Bakerzin Macarons (Jakarta, Indonesia)- Not highly recommended, it has the texture of any macaron, but not the taste :x

 TWG's Macarons (Singapore) - Super Highly Recommended! the best macarons I have ever tasted. 
this Caramel Macarons (Black) and Moroccan with Green Tea fillings Macarons (White)

 Perfect combinations with TWG's Tea (didn't drink it, hardly to get sleep in the night after having tea) for your tea-time, also with cheesecake pie and Caramel macarons

A dozen of macarons with all the flavors. bought this as a souvenir for my beloved sister, Vina, due to her jealousy of me eating this. hehe.. Isn't colorful yet mouth-watering? you say :D

Source: Google Image
This is what we called MACAROONS (reminder, with double 'O'). took this pict from google, as you can see in the pict, the brown color on top is the caramelized shaved-coconut. 

i guess it is enough with this macarons sections, hope you learn something new, which is macarons are different with macaroons. ;)


  1. whyy :( i like bakerzin macaroons loh hiks

  2. i see. depends yah jul, soal ny waktu itu, I tasted the caramel, itu salty and bitter banget. weekks. gk enak.. :(

  3. me too.. pernah coba yang la' adeur or something.. lupa the name. hehe