Monday, May 28, 2012

Cake of the month

Escaping from the busiest street in Jakarta would have not been an easy thing to do nowadays. With the scorching sun and the hot weather, it makes all our works have been very hectic and yet moods might sometimes change.
I am not the type of people who would love the lovely warm weather. Yet, I do love the warm weather in spring, as it is refreshing with a slight breeze of wind. Winter is the best season that I have ever been through, cold blowing wind throughout your face make you feel like tugging inside the blanket for the whole day. Oops, I mean, slacking around. hahaha.

Alright, May is coming to the end, and as my usual routine, I have to choose the selective cake-of-the-month. And in the end, I have chosen the right one for this month.

this is my Cake-of-the-month that I have selected. it is the complimentary from Negev restaurant for every lady that comes to the resto in the weekend, and this red velvet is very EL MAGNIFICO. I'm quite a fan for red velvet cake, that's why I could differentiate which one is worth to try. This cake gets 8.5/10 rate and you could just simply CLICK HERE to know my reviews.
P.S: thank you Negev for the massive comment I have read before HERE.

I guess that's all for today's post and I will keep on writing other interesting reviews.
if you wanted to know other pictures of my cake-of-the-month, just simply click on the label that titled: CAKE-OF-THE-MONTH.

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By the way, I am selling butter cookies for a box of Rp40.000,- and if you are interested, just simply Facebook Message me :) details are in HERE

Thank you very much to all readers and also for those who have already ordered cookies and I will see you in the next post :*

100th Post: Kembang Goela

As promised, I have said that I would review another post about Kembang Goela in the sneak peek. without any further delays, let's jump to the pictures:

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(velvet shirt; Toywatch Watch, Zara Wedges, Balenciaga Bracelet, Chanel Vintage 2.55 bag)
kinda look weird in this pose T_T
 cam-whoring behind the scene edition

Sunday, May 27, 2012

homemade butter cookies to die for ;)

holla, I have certain things to do for these few weekends. YAP! I have been emerging my talents to make a little business of cakery. Today's menu is about butter cookies and I am pretty sure you will get addicted to it (hmmmm.. i think so).

taraaaa.. these are my butter cookies. Thank you for those who have been ordering it :)

If you wanna order this, one will cost Rp40.000,-
I ONLY accept orders during Saturday and Sunday, to be delivered on Tuesday - Thursday.
Apparently, I still accept orders that can be taken in Binus International only (temporarily), and perhaps some Pluit, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Muara Karang areas only.
Other than that area, you could just simply contact me here or send email message to my Facebook.

Thank you for those people who have been ordering for the past few weeks, and I still have 5 packs more to go for Monday's order

Next post will be about Kembang Goela.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sneak Peek: Kembang Goela

Sorry for being an inefficient blogger, due to many things to do during this week and weekends.
By the way, I wanna share some sneak peak for my future post (soon), and this will be dedicated to my super best friend Vinnie Tandorra, for her birthday blast party and surprises.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy International Mother's Day!

Dedicated this post specially to my mother, who has become my best mother as well as best friends that always take a good care of me while I am on the 'children world'.

Thank you mom, despite all the fights and arguments that we always have, I know deep inside that u do that to make become a strong woman, just like what you are.

IF these pictures could explain lots of things about your personality, then i just want to say
that YOU ARE:

 a good hugger

 a self-narcisstic mother.

 NOT desperately loner.

 NEVER good at skiing, 

 NOR making kimchi.

BUT... on top of all, you are the one who always gives me the warm hug. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mother
Every mom in the world.

You have always been my perfect-est gift that Father has always given.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ladies' Lucky Night: Negev

HOLLA. how are you guys? well sorry for the lack of posts, and sorry for not becoming an efficiency blogger. Have so many things to do, from studying, baking cakes, find new recipes, and to blogging. It's weekend everyone! I am going out with my friends tonight for dinner. Hope to enjoy yours as well

As promised, I am going to review Negev restaurant ;) yay ~ some of you might have already known this place before, and for those who haven't, let's look at the post now:

Barbecue Chicken.
Mushroom soup
Beef ravioli.

Grilled salmon
 Xo seafood fried rice (LOVE THIS!)
Complimentary for every ladies. Red velvet cake. One of the best that I have ever tried
can you guess what is this? it is a dessert from Negev, with some yoghurt juice inside that should be absorbed by using the straw. on the top is its cake, with some cinnamon cookies. hmm. I don't really like the yoghurt juice but the cake is AWESOME!

When I visited Negev last saturday night, I went with 2 boys and another 3 girls. That was our ladies' lucky night because we were given free red velvet cake. I love the cake and the taste is just fabulous.

Besides, I have another luck, that I could meet the owner, Mr. Mike on my way home at the receptionist desk. hahaha. 

P.S: thank you bryan for letting me to have some of your photos courtesy ;) lazy to edit some of the photos :p

I was wearing:
Balenciaga Bag
Zara Pink Blazer
Forever 21 floral dress
Zara Wedges

Location: Negev, Wisma Mulia, Jl. Gatot Subroto
Rate: 8/10

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring/Summer Wishlist

SPRING/SUMMER. summer is on its way, and cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere. Loving the kind of scent that comes from this spring, even tho we don't have it here in Jakarta. However, I can see all the happiness that bloom during this season. The weather is kinda lovely nowadays, with the heavy rain coming down, but eliminates the traffic that is going on (one of Jakarta's regular routines during rainy days).
Today's post is about the wishlist that I have set up for this upcoming May. there are many lists that I still have wanted for such a long time. But I don't want to be spoiled with all those things unless if I really want it, I would either buy it on my own or ask my father's kindness. Well, I am NOT a spoiled brat afterall.

1. lovely prada red tote

2. tory burch blue cuff bracelet

3. balenciaga triple tour bracelet

4. Toywatch collections. 

So these are the wishlists that I have really wanted. Well I know it is too many, but I hope that I could get one of these soon ^^ (have to save and earn more money of course). 
If I were to ask to choose one of these, that would be a hard core decision. 

I guess that's all that I could share for a while, and the next post is gonna be about Negev restaurant (photos are on progress).
Click HERE for the sneak peek. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

sneak peek: Negev Restaurant

How's ur weekend ? Have you watched avenger yet? Well, good news for you readers, I am gonna post about Negev Restaurant, on the next section ;) so keeps on reading my blog :D

here i am with the owner of Negev Restaurant, Mike, having the chance to meet him really makes me feel elated and honored. By the way, this pinky zara blazer makes me look puffy in here :(

so, this is the spoiler for Negev's review ;) hahaha. I will upload new posts soon
See you soon :*


Happy Veesak Day for those who celebrate it ;)Yes, I am having my freedom now ! Exams are over, even tho I might not be confident with one or two subjects, they are damn HARD !

Well, I have some requests to review Union, due to the review of red velvet in Union for the "cake of the month" (HERE). So, here it is ...

potato wedges! yummy. my favorite appetizers from Union :D
hmm. maybe I am one of those big fans of fried rice with half-cooked sunny side up. I love the satay from the fried rice in Union but not the rice itself. Still prefer other menus rather than the fried rice.
Something spaghetti with pork something. Hmm.. As I don't like pork, I won't eat the meat of course. But i like the texture of the spaghetti. yummy.
Chicken Noodle (Mie Ayam!) Yes, mie ayammmmm, with foie grass. Totally in love with this mie ayammm. But for this kind of noodle (which can be found in markets or other restaurants, the price is very high u_u). Definitely will come back here again for the mie ayam
Note: I always throw up the foie grass, I don't like it, and never want to eat it. due to high cholesterol and fats.
red velvet cake !!!! (Rp 50.000) for this one slice of red velvie. really worth the price and can be shared with others as well ;) If you guys still remember, I featured this red velvet for the cake of month in April (HERE).

Union is located in Plaza Senayan, Sogo Area, exactly placed beside Starbucks. Ermmmm, to be honest, the service in here is very bad but it can be concluded as it is very crowded not only during weekdays, but also weekends. Walk-in and reservations are the only ways if you want to try Union and they will give us limitation of times for the seating period. After all, it is a nice place to hang out and try out the red velvet and other cakes as well. ( I tried its doughnout and chocolate cake, and they never fail me once )

Location: Plaza Senayan, Sogo
Rate: 8/10