Monday, August 27, 2012

cake of the month

CREPES. Hey foodies, enjoying your long holidays pretty much? Well, I didn't enjoy my last weekend, I have to stumble upon my bed as I was badly sick. I couldn't spend my day with friends nor enjoying meals. Instead, I visited a doctor for being examined and luckily my doctor said that nothing was wrong, just a harmless virus has entered my immune system.

Hmm, I guess I am now kind of healed up and have the strength to post something, so this it, our cake of the month that usually appears at the end of every month. You can check the labels for any cake of the month later on below for the previous post.

Alright, this month's cake of the month falls to the HummingBird's vanilla crepes. yay ~ This is the first desert/cake/bread you-name-it for the cake of the month that comes from outside jakarta! Hummingbird is located in Bandung and I went there for my weekend getaway like 2 months ago.

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hmm. very generous toppings and fillings. lurveeeeee it <3

Crepes is made up from the composition of flour, milk, and sugar. It sounds simples, yes it is, but when it comes to the practical situation, you really have to concern about small details. You must have a hot round pan before you pour the crepe mix and you shouldn't cook it for too long as it will get burnt quickly. But making crepes are actually easy if you know the steps of doing it the right way. Hence, we have to know the ratio for the flour and milk and sugar, as we do not want to have a broken piece of crepe.

Normally, crepes are filled with ice cream (any flavors) and then sprinkle it with almonds, choco chunks, biscuits, and also chocolate and caramel syrup. You can combine crepes with sausage, meats, or any savory salty food, not only just the sweet fellows.

I love this crepe from Hummingbird as the crepe has the sweet taste but not too dominant as the toppings and fillings are also very tasteful. In the end, I am pretty satisfied because I am also a fan of crepes itself, so ... yeah I guess this is worth to try :)

P.S: the pictures are all taken originally from my camera. if any courtesy of the pictures that I take from different sources, I will state it clearly. so if people who ask whether my pictures are not an original, the answer is 'authenticity of the pictures are guaranteed'. thanks :D

Location: Hummingbird, Bandung
Rate: 8/10

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sensational Night - OTEL LOBBY

Bloggers are indeed the 'strangest' creatures that have ever been invented. As a food blogger, we have to snap every picture of food that we ordered even though our stomach is grumbling constantly, and somehow fashion bloggers have to endure the peculiar-look from strangers whenever they have (need) to take every single pic of their outfit wherever they are, and those strangers will definitely raise their eyes and giving a 'rooted' smile. haha. well, welcomed to our world, I mean, we as bloggers have really had a tough time. We have to bring (not necessarily, but mostly yes) our camera, whether it is DSLR, SLR, or digi-cam to snap every interesting objects and those are heavy (except digicam).

Recently, I have tried this new restaurant in town, that is called Otel Lobby [reminder: it is OTEL, not HOTEL, some people are mistaken about it]. Located at the heart of J*town street, Epicentrum and I think it is one of the 'funkiest' place I have ever been. I mean, they have their own building, and the lobby itself is interesting with the view of parking lots hahaha. Don't underestimate it, this place is really nice and I love the environment and the condition that makes me feel comfy to have a temporary 'base-camp' for few hours with friends.

By the watch, please watch the video "For the first time" (THE SCRIPT) covered by Andrew Olievero, @TesseractProdID

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Enough with the introduction, let's jump towards the most 'important' points, which are the pictures of food. yay ~

 Wagyu fried rice - Rp. 85.000,-

 i forgot the name. I love the mashed potato or potato puree. It is damn yummy that I demand for more!

 corn soup. Typical taste like any other's, nothing so special. It comes with this dried italian bread chunks

 BEEF WELLINGTON! i still remember the first time I knew this food is via my God of Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey. He introduced this food to my knowledge and I have been very curious on tasting it. Yet, I am satisfied with these beef wellington on otel lobby's. For this food, the price is around Rp. 145.000,- and yet it really worths the price. You should try it!

 Salmon grilled. I don't really like it, as it is kind of tasteless and yet nothing special. The green and orange puree are unidentified. I think it is a spinach puree for the green and I dont know anything about the orange one. Not really recommended.

 Roasted chicken. hmmm, something unique with this roasted chicken! normally, it is served with mashed potatoes, potato puree, or french fries. But this one is "designed" with fried rice, what a carb huh? haha I couldnt finish this up, and the pineapple thingy on the rice is kind of out of the box. However, this food is kinda edible and surprisingly it is a unique thing
Rp 85.000,-

 Pizza of the day, toppings with chicken. Usual crispy texture with chicken chunks and cheese on top.
Rp 65.000,-(if i am not mistaken of the price)

Toblerone cake ! Yummyyy yummy yummyy. I love the ice cream filling of the puffs. The chocolate shot is also something new to taste. Rp. 35.000,-

Otel lobby is really crowded in the weekends, yet many people are still curious about this new hype place. For those who haven't gone here, u better go faster make reservation for setting a new 'base camp' with your fellows.

Location: Jl H.R Rasuna Said, Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jakarta 
(021- 2994 1324)

Rate: 8/10

Thursday, August 16, 2012

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follow my instagram: foodcouture

I know the picture above kinda a self-narcisstic picture of myself, haha but that was taken with my instagram.
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Breakfast Lunch Dinner PX Puri

Breakfast. the most important meal to energize your early activities.
Lunch. a day-light meal to supplement your body after hectic works.
Dinner. an extra treat to your body before going to dreamland.

If those 'bold-ed' words are shortened, it will be pronounced as BLD. 
BLD. one of the new-est place located in PX puri to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The menus are somehow limited, not too many but I guess it is quite surprising and satisfying so that the foodies won't be confused on what menus they should try.
it's been years that I didn't go to Puri Mall or around that area perimeter, and my first intention was to accompany my friends to buy some candles in ACE HARDWARE Puri Mall. Our first destination was actually going to Karawaci, and have some food trip out there. However we ended up going to Puri instead as it is actually nearer to our homie. Once we were done buying the candles, our stomach could no longer the hunger, so we decided to try BLD. Well, we have already here, so why don't we try it, do we?

Before further babbling around on the food I ate few days ago in BLD, there is a special wish for Daniel Mananta who just had his birthday few days ago:

cake by Rati Rati click HERE for my past review :) and this cake is meant to be special order.
met him 2 weeks ago for a church event and both us participated together in that part. nice, manly matured guy, and very friendly :)

Happy Birthday Daniel, hope all your wish come true and have a blissful year. Wishing you have a good and better DAMN! in the future. haha. All the best and God Bless YOU! 
cheers xoxo.

Hereby the food that I have tried in BLD:

 the interior inside. small, homey designs that make you feel comfortable.

 spaghetti aglio olio. hmm kind of tasteless, but after you 'spice' it yourself, by using salt and pepper, it tastes better.

 didn't manage to try the red velvet :(

 my food! caesar salad, yummy. Well, this might be shocking, but this is what I have ordered. Surprisingly, I am starting to like salads more nowadays. This is one of the best salad that I have tried before, definitely will be eating this more often.

 our shared meal. Parma chicken - fried chicken breast steak with fried sweet potatoes and half-cooked egg on top. I love this meal, and also the half-cooked egg, it is so tasty!

I kinda forgot the name, but i think it is the parma pork belly rice. Not a single touch for this one as it is made of pork and fyi i dont like pork. haha. but my friend said it is yummy so I consider it is worth to try on.

BLD has a massive satisfying customer service as the waiters take our order properly and the food is prepared in the blink of an eye. Not a single mistake has been done and they serve the food very fast, especially when we were really hungry at that time, I could consider it was the excellent timing.

Location: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (BLD), PX Puri
Rate: 7/10

Monday, August 13, 2012


HOME. Being stuck to a place called Jakarta has been a 'catastrophe' to me. Well, despite all the traffics, flood, warm weather, Jakarta is actually a paradise for a youngster like me! Packed with many hang-out places, cool sophisticated restaurants, I feel like "This is paradise for a foodie like me" hahaha.
as most of us (my friends and I) are tired and bored with those shopping malls, those kind of restaurants definitely fill up our weekend routines.
Speaking of weekends, I just recently went to Singapore for a short weekend getaway to escape from the busy days I have in jakarta few weeks ago. Impulse buying of cheap ticket has become one of our 'hobby' (mostly), to spend our weekend in other places. Being used to live in Singapore when I was in my younger version, it is not hard for me to adapt with that country. My intention of going there this time is of course ... SHOPPING slash EATING. 

for a starter here are some menus that i am going to post. the rest will be uploaded in next blog post

 small bites in every corner of food court! Yummy.

 HongKong fried noodle. Quite nice but many are much better, It is too much cant finish all of them

 What's the point of going to Singapore without a bowl of laksa? I love this coconut milk food and the spice is just in perfect amount :*

 my EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA favorite of late bite snack is this KFC cheesy fries. I could eat it everyday if  I want to T___T. gosh I hope they have this is Jakarta as well.

after all the round trip, I still miss my home in Jakarta, and nothing could ever beat it up! Being at home is one of the most 'luxury' thing that one could have. Nothing beats any comfort, other than your own house, your own room.
Stay tune for another section of food in Singapore ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sneak Peek: home sweet home

In the past few weeks, I went back to my old so-called hometown, Singapore. Yeah, I used to live there for 4 years and I have been missing Singapore ever since then, that I will normally visit every once or twice in a year. HAHA. my intention is of course EATING and SHOPPING.
I really miss the swimming pool :( even though I never have the urge to swim every time I "go-home".
Well, I could say that that is home sweet home because I really want to stay there again like I used to be, perhaps in the future.

Further details gonna be uploaded in the next section ;) 
Stay tune foodies <3

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rati Rati featuring Tower of Macaroon

In the previous post, I have mentioned and uploaded a picture of mini tower of macaroon. Well, frankly speaking, that tower is just a miniature, and the design is so cute that made me to click the camera.
Recently, I went to have a tea-time with my friends and try this new hang-out spot in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Rati Rati. This place is specializing in Japanese desserts and mostly their menus are full of cakes and small bites.

Rati Rati symbol - the miniature of tower of macaroon

 Macha Ice Cream! oishiiiii desu yo! This is a complimentary from Rati Rati for any purchase above Rp 50.000,- if i am not mistaken. Loving this green tea ice cream with the sprinkles of sweet cornflakes. El mangnifico combination.

Wishing to have this BAGkery for my birthday hahaha! looks delicious ;)

Location: Rati Rati, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Rate: 7.5/10

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sneak Peek : Tower of Macaroons

Macaroons. This sweet little fellow has been very popular from all over the world, and people demand it as a starter of their dessert menus. Well, I love eating macaroons, from TWG, High Society, to La Duree, and my favorite will anything that consists of Caramel fillings.
Anyhow, this is just a sneak peek, and the rest I will review on the next post ;)
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YOLO, Santouka Ramen.

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE shorten as YOLO, is one of the most common words being used nowadays in any sentence. Well, I don't know who found out this word yet popularize it, but I think that is a cool one. Well, as YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, I realized that I should have fun while I have the time to do it and keep me occupied to enjoy my life :)

Hanging out with friends, is one of my routines in the weekends. Sometimes, I hang out with folks and sisters, but mostly I spend the time with my beloved bffs. As yesterday was a weekend, my friends and I decided to try the ramen restaurant for a change in Plaza Indonesia, Santouka Ramen. This ramen reminds me of IPPUDO that opens its branches in Singapore. let's jump to the picture sections to see the menus ;)

 natto! YIKES... I dont like it, very disappointing! I used to feel curious of how it tastes, and yet a disappointment that I received. I wonder how Sinchan (a cartoon fellow) could endure the smell of natto as it is one of his fav food everytime I read the comic. hahaha.

 Kara rame, hot spicy pork belly ramen, and I love it! I love the noodle texture and the soup. Reminds me of IPPUDO in Singapore. But the food costs me for Rp 73.000 for a small bowl. Very expensive and yet the taste worth the high price!

 Typical entrance for any Japanese Restaurant. haha

Honestly, I only like the ramen, and the rest of the food didn't satisfy me. Well, the price is very expensive and they should have given us better quality of food.

I was wearing:
Cloth inc Waterfall Cardigan
Tory Burch Wedge
Forever 21 flowery dress
Toywatch watch
Chanel classic bag

Location: Santouka Ramen, Plaza Indonesia
Rate: 6.5/10