Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cake of The Month

HOLIDAY. yes, it is already the end of June, and it is now the time to post about Cake of the Month by foodcouture. My exams are finally over, and now I can spend my summer breaks with friends, and doing other activities, well I still have summer course of course, to speed up my studies, but it only takes every Thursday and Friday for the whole 2 months.

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Today's cake of the month goes to one of my fav restaurant in Jakarta, Kitchennete, and how I love its specialty in making crepes. Crepes have become everyone's favorite, from children to adults, and all of them love the texture of it. I love Kitchenete's crepes is because it has thin and soft texture, and makes it easier for me to eat it, and also, the combination with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream are perfect.
This portion can be shared up to 2 or 3 persons max. 

Don't forget to keep on following my Cake of the Month series by just clicking the labels under the same title. See you on the next post and have a great holiday everyone :*

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet tongue

ICE CREAM. it has become one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" moments to eat ice cream when it is scorching hot. YES! Summer is here ! yay ~ it means that all of my friends are coming back for vacations. I have been receiving lots of souvenirs from one of my friends, as she brought me home lots and lots of butter fingers. (I will upload the photo).
Due to the "support" from the hot weather, I have been eating ice-cream quite frequently. haha, I definitely need a 50-times sit up after eating them.
I am so glad that my fellows are coming back one by one, it's been forever that i haven't seen them in a whileeeeee.....

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A stack of waffles with 6 scoops of my favorite ice cream flavors from Haagen-Dazs

coco ketan cooler. One of my best fav from Haagen-Dazs ! definitely worth to try even tho' it is kinda pricey!
 my yellow cambridge satchel. definitely my summer-statement bag for the rest of the month ;)
a candid pic of me, taken by my friend. I was wearing the latest edition of Cloth-inc for my outfit of the day (you can simply shop HERE) as my one of my best friends is the owner of cloth-inc, I can simply choose any clothes that I want to have and try it in prior (some online shops do not give any return if you dislike the clothes). Sometimes, she will give a quick notice and sneak peek of the new upcoming edition, and I always feel satisfied with her service and clothes as well.

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Seriously, nobody can beat my love for this butter finger! Everyone seems to love desserts and cakes and ice creams, I do too. However, when it comes to the best snack, butterfinger is one of my top lists! Thank you to my friend who has brought this home far away from USA, love you :*

This summer is different that any summer before, because so many things have taught me and I always learn something new. The lessons that I receive really change me a lot to become more responsible and matured in taking any decisions. I am somehow happy with my life now and I hope it will last longer.

Enjoy your summer vacation and happy holidays!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday's temptation delight

For the past few weeks, I have been forcing myself to have sleepless nights due to works and assignments. Now this is it, I am so over with them and yet final exams are coming around the corner
My fellows are coming back from Singapore, USA, and Australia, and gonna spend the whole summer here. 

I have finally indulged myself with some foodies to accumulate my energy level. By the way, Happy Father's Day to my daddy and other fathers all around the world. Thank you for your love and care.
Therefore, for father's day, I celebrated it with a bowl of our fav noodle which is located nearby my house.

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one of my favorite noodles. Contains pork (I give all the porks to my dad, so totally dislike porks).

my CHANEL collections of perfumes and lotions and its classic bag.

a picture of myself :p current location: my secret wardrobe and make-up room

I couldn't upload many photos currently, as I am too lazy to edit up. Sorry for the slacks and delays, but I promised that I will review more posts soon.

Have a happy Sunday all. God Bless You

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

statement bracelet

BRACELET. One of the most practical accessories to put is bracelet. It can be any kind of bracelets, specially custom-made, designer, or even imitation. I may not have many bracelets, but I have found the one that could complete the total look of my everyday. So this is one of the bracelets that I have loved from the first time I got it.

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white-gold pearl bracelet with my name on it / salvatore ferragamo double tour bracelet

The picture above is one of my fav bracelets that I have ever had. The custom-made bracelet with my name craved in it is a special gift from my parents ever since I was very young. Funny thing is, I consider it as my lucky charm. I totally love it until now. Whereas salvatore ferragamo bracelet, I have received from  my loves for my birthday gift. Totally love and adore it very much.

Besides wearing bracelets, watched and necklaces are my other most top lists. Don't really like to wear any rings on my fingers (except: future wedding ring or my own custom-made ring) for daily fashions, normally wear them for special occasions. However, for bracelets, watches, and necklaces, and earrings, they will always be worn most of the time, especially watches.

I don't need any fancy items to be put on my hands, just a simple touch of it, would just represent myself ;)
So, this is how I wear my bracelets, how bout you?

port er house

Hoola, I am fully recovered now and today is Sunday, in which we can have relaxing days to do just anything we have wanted. I went to brightspot market last night in Gandaria City, and it was extremely crowded and very hot (but compared to last year's, this was better). Did u have any chance to go there? Well I have bought nothing actually, just a piece of red velvet cupcake which cost me 35k. T_T so price-y

as promised, I'm going to post about port er house, a new concept of mini restaurants located in pantai indah kapuk (just few km away from my home).

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Lasagna Beef

 Chicken BBQ
 Oreo layer cake. love love!
Coconut Pudding! Highly recommended with vanilla ice cream on top

the place is both outdoor and indoor areas. However, you don't need any proper outfits to go to this resto, because the place is kinda hot inside and outside. 
I love the desserts, both the coconut pudding and oreo layer cake. For the main course, I don't really like it pretty much, but the lasagna is acceptable.

Rate: 7/10
Location: Port Er House, Pantai Indah Kapuk, BGM Area (near waterboom)

Monday, June 4, 2012

out sick :(

SICK. I have been very ill for the past few weeks. My body is aching and my mind is full of ASS-ignments. Groan, I am so totally bed-illed, and yet tons of work have to be finished.
Yes, I still can blog now, with my macbook on my lap, and covering me with blankets.

I really need a getaway, of all those hard works I have done. Perhaps, a quick vacation to Singapore, shop all day long, and no works to do. Yet, I could not eat a single thing, but it's good, as I could reduce weight. HAHAHA. still ... I hate being sick.

Sorry, could not fulfill the promise to post about port er house, once I am recovered, I will do it right away. SIGH... I write nonsense in here, where as I am tucking into my bed to get some rest for tomorrow's long classes. Oh yeah, this medicine is 'killing' me, I feel sleepy all day long that I have to postpone my projects.

See you and wish all my works are finished in two days time.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

sneak peek: port er house

new concept of cake! OREO layer cake. Wait for this preview on the next post
ciaaooo ;)

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TOKYO Night Out !

Hello, it's June, it's summer, and it's coming into holiday seasons. (I STILL HAVE FINALS 2 weeks later). Been occupied with many assignments, chores, and ended up on bed for the weekends, I have been very very very sick for the past one week :(

Traffics, hot weather in Indonesia, have become a 'chaos' for my physical conditions, definitely needs a getaway SOON! hehehe. Today's post would be about one fine day that I have spent in Tokyo. WHAT? Tokyo? Yes, to be exact TOKIO STATION.

love the cashier!

onigiri with grilled salmon. I love this one !

My CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL has arrived! yeayyy ~ waiting for 2 months and this is it. :)
can't wait to wear it soon.

Well, to be honest, I was not exactly in Japan, but in a place called TOKIO STATION.
It is located in Central Park and the place is like a Japanese foodcourt with many types of Japanese food  and snacks.

Location: TOKIO STATION, Central Park
Rate: 7/10 (for all the food I tried)