Monday, July 30, 2012

cake of the month

CRUMBLED PIE. It is exactly the end of the month already, and it is time for the cake-of-the-month section! geez, time really flies fast and It is almost coming to the end of the year already. Well, a year has passed ever since this blog was created, and huge massive thanks to your supports.

This month, I chose apple crumble pie from Tin Pan Alley as our cake of the month. I have always loved apple crumble pie for several reasons:
1. I love apples! I almost eat it everyday as for my dietary menus
2. Ice cream is my best friend. In every apple crumble pie, it is always a pleasure to have a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it.
3. The crumble itself is the best part. Always tastes sweet and crunchy and reminds me of my favorite snack, the nougats bar!

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Apple crumble pie by Tin Pan Alley, with drips of caramel sauce. yummy :9

Monday, July 23, 2012

1st anniversary to FOODCOUTURE

A year has passed and I can't believe that foodcouture has reached its so-called 1st birthday !!
Thank you so much for all readers that support me by reading these blog quite frequently i supposed, as i could see from the traffics occur daily. Anyhow, you guys give me the spirits to keep on writing and last but not least CHEERS TO FOODCOUTURE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, eat cake ;)

regards : Elvira Sanjaya from FOODCOUTURE

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Sunday, July 22, 2012


HONEYBEE. Breakfast is one of the most important 'elements' in the food-chain and everyone is required to take it before doing any activities. I am an exception! I can't take my breakfast as my stomach couldn't support the food if I eat too early in the morning. Normally, I would just pass it or take it as a brunch (breakfast and lunch). 
As far as you concern, you knew that I went to Singapore to spend my weekends with my 2 fellow bulliers (I always 'consumed' their bullies in S'pore and I'm pretty immune to it already) and as promised, this is the review of the previous sneak peek of Wild Honey.

Wild Honey is located in both Mandarin Gallery and Scotts Road, and the one that I went to is in Scotts Road. Its specialty is in serving breakfasts, but you can try it during lunch or dinner. Despite blabbering with too many words, perhaps these pictures could explain thousand sentences. 

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 my beautiful Chika.

 with my huhu girls ! haha

 Wild Honey interior in Scotts

 my lovely raspberry smoothies! you should try this

 freshen up your day with a bowl of salad will energize your whole activities.

 honestly, I don't really like this choice of mine, way too far of what I have expected. In the menu, If i could recall, it is a sliced chicken breast with something something. I expect that it came out as a roasted chicken or something rather than this. well, this tastes like chicken curry with fruit slices, kinda weird combination, but surprisingly, i love the fruits that is combined with the curry sauce!

 breakfast menu (contains pork). I like its sliced bread and the scrambled egg ;)

Wild Honey specialty of that day, strawberry short cake. Yummy, i love the texture as it is moist and not too sweet as well. I love the strawberry icing that still has the strawberry chunks in it. I think that it contains a little bit of rum, even though just a small amount, but i still can pretty taste it!

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Wild Honey is not just any ordinary breakfast, it serves more than you can imagine. I was tempted to try other desserts, like the cheesecake and chocolate cake, but temptations have never end, so you have to pretty endure your tempts.

Frankly speaking, I don't really like this restaurant as there are many better places like this in Jakarta. When you go to Singapore, the best culinary that you should try is its own local recipes, such as bak kut teh, teh tarik, roti prata, etc. Keeps on updating and reading my blog to know the next food-journey in Singapore. ;)

Rate: 6.5/10
Location: Wild Honey, Scotts Road, Singapore

Friday, July 20, 2012

sneak peek: WILD HONEY

For the past 2 weeks, I have been having a great weekend with my fellow friends. First, I went to Bandung with a bunch of friends and spent roughly 3 days out there, with a supply of every 3 hours meal in one day. Yes, I have been eating too much. After my return from Bandung, my 2 friends and I have decided to go on another trip for the second weekend getaway. We decided to go to Singapore (again) as my friend lives there so we could stay in her apartment :). As a result, the 3 of us made an impulse purchase on buying the tickets as quickly as we could before the price goes up
Enough with the intro, my point is here is the sneak peek for my upcoming post.

From the title, it is actually from WILD HONEY restaurant in Singapore and stay tune for the next meeting ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


As a food blogger, I have some food that I like or dislike. Every time I visit any specific restaurants, I would prefer to looking at a menu with full details of the food itself, rather than just its name. Why is that so? I admit that I am kinda a picky person in choosing my own food, and I have certain lists that I don't really like or I don't even have the urge to eat it, for example: porks! Yes, people tend to say that pork are tasty, but for me, I just don't like that fattening meat. My religion allows me to eat, but  I just push it away every time my parents, sisters, or friend 'trap' me to eat that. Well, enough for my 'other-side-section' let's jump into some menus that I have tried recently from Negev for the second time
(first time is HERE)

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I dont really like this burger, as I am not a big fan of burger, so I just pass this. haha. but I do LOVE the chips. It's so crispy and reminds me of certain original potato chips. Damn! craving for it.

Spaghetti Tuna. I love the tuna with full of spice and just the right amount of salt :)

The BEST menu of that night. This fettucine carbonara just has the right amount of creamy-ness. In the past, I used to dislike any creamy stuff, such as mayonaise, carbonara, raggout, etc. But this one deserves my four thumbs !!!! Kind of pricy, around 80-90 thousand Rupiah, but really worth the price

My sandwich that I ordered does not really taste good. But I love it's smoked beef, chicken, and fried eggs. For the second time, I LOVE the chiiiiiiipppppppss :9

Molten cake, hmm typical taste like others, but this one is quite nice, especially that little 'shots' of chocolate in the glass, reminds me of the taste of chocolate milk in my childhood era. haha
the texture is moist with dark chocolate filling and the ice cream is a perfect partner.

Forgot this name and the taste, but as far as I remember, it tastes like tangerine.
Mini appetizer, the Indian samosa. This one tastes like the curry puff, that you can find in any hawker in Singapore. As I used to live in Singapore for 3 or 4 years, curry puff has always been my favorite snack after school, as it was sold in the nearby hawker stall besides my school. Being 'adapted' to that kind of taste, I think this samosa could flash me back in when I used to buy the puff with my friends and eat them while waiting for the bus to arrive. This samosa is quite acceptable, but there are tastier samosa in other places :)

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I have always loved Negev as it always serves the best and freshest food, and its service is very satisfying.  Moreover, I will be back here again to eat another plate of fettucine carbonara!!!

I used to review about Negev few months ago, and you can just simply read it HERE :D

Monday, July 9, 2012


There are times when you feel like escaping to a place, in which you are closest to the sky. Somehow, I feel curious, how high is the sky? how far or wide is it? When you are in high places, and looking at the blue clear sky, it feels like you want to grab it and touch the clouds.
Last week, I went to a new "hit" place, located in the Centre of Jakarta, named SKYE. The place itself is inside the building of Menara BCA, 56th Floor, and can you imagine how high is it?
You canot get any 'higher' than this if you wish to be intoxicated in Jakarta.

Black and white view of Jakarta

This is the price of appetizer and light menu. Kind of out of price, too expensive.

Balenciaga pink clutch 
Skye's pool with its signature symbols.

Skye is actually divided into two sections, the place that I visited is the lounge, in which you can do any walk-in, instead of reserving one month in prior to go there and you can have the total view sitting in the lounge. The second one is the restaurant, that serves main menus and more choices of food. 

Most of the people choose SKYE so that they can see the panoramic view from the 56th floor during the sunset or night views. For the food, I could say that it is quite alright, but very costly. The drinks are expensive well, but I love the blue ones.

After all, this is a great place to hang out and try a new concept of having light snacks before dinner
This place is mostly visited by many socialites, so do make sure that you dress up properly and tendency of informal dress is required

My total look:
Waterfall cardigan - Cloth Inc
White bow tie top - Cloth Inc
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Wedges - Pedro
Watch - ToyWatch

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sneak peek preview: SKYE

Let's flash back to the time when you still remember that Jakarta had a clear blue sky in the afternoon, with rays of sunshine shining the surface, and do you think we still have it now?
Do look at this picture below, isn't it beautiful? Yes it is in Jakarta, Central of Jakarta to be exact.

this is myself, wearing the previous collection from clothinc :)

So, this is a sneak peel for my next post, for the newest phenomenal restaurant in town, SKYE.
Keeps on updating and follow my instagram ;)

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