Sunday, August 28, 2011

 hello bloggers ! how's ur weekend? fun? boring? alone? well, you name it ^^ so ... i have been spending my weekends with these people (pictures above) 
- spent my late afternoon at Luna Negra (next review will be about it) with the ladies
- continued my evenings with the Binusians at Zenbu Muara Karang.

currently, getting bored outta my mind of hanging out at the malls. -_-" 
then i realized it is more fun to spend your days chit-chatting with your friends and talk about your new surroundings, problems, and just share it out to them, and find a quiet place such as restaurant, cafe, or maybe your respective houses.

as i am getting bored with malls, this is how i spent my last weekends, so.. how do you guys spend your weekends then? =) share it with us !

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