Friday, March 30, 2012


Gosh, the weather is scorching back and forth for these few days. I have been missing my classes for 1 week, not because it was holiday, but I 'holiday-ed' myself. BIG LOL :p
Reason behind that is because there was a huge chaos nearby my university, due to the rapid increase on the gasolines. Well, the mass is looking forward for a decrease or remaining the same for the price of it.
Kinda scary huh? well, don't wanna talk about it for too much!

Today's restaurant that has the chance to be reviewed is Monologue. hmm. some of u might not be too familiar with this resto, perhaps, as it is located at the Parking Lot at Plaza Senayan. O;

First of all, so sorry that the pictures taken didn't reach the maximum level of brightness. forgot to bring my DSLR on that day T_T

chicken confeitte

beef brisket (tastes almost like Rendang)

this black burger does not exist! I edited it to give some kind of unique desire and fascination
below, is the real chicken burger. loving the wedgie!

here comes the desert! this is monologue breakfast menu for Fruit French Toast. loving the fruits, but not really like the toast itself. it's too soft and too egg-y. 

i forgot this danish's name. either egg danish, cheese danish, or cream puff danish

finally, our Fresh Milk! this cup of fresh milk is kinda PRICE-Y! around Rp. 25k / cup. well, my best advice is, you can make this your own in house. click for the previous post to know how to do it ;)

Monologue is opened specially for breakfast. however, you may have your dinner or lunch menu during the breakfast time. they have various menus to be served. the place is not that comfy, because it is located in the basement ( note: parking lot) and deliberately very hot for me. the seats and tables are not organized very neatly that makes the place looks kinda small.

Well, it is a good place to have breakfast or having not-too-long meals with friends after works/classes.

Location: Monologue, Plaza Senayan parking lot
Rate: 7/10

Monday, March 26, 2012


fresh milk from Monologue (gonna post about this resto soon)

MILK. is everyone's favorite among all ages, from babies, toddlers even for the folks. With its richness of calcium and vitamins, it gives us 'special' energy to tune up your days.
I have been drinking a cup or a box of milk everyday, to seize up my hectic routines and as my breakfast. Somehow, you can 'edit' the ordinary white milk into something special.
here are some tips for you ;)

1. At midnight, when you are unable to have some sleep, go to the fridge and take out a cup of milk. Heat it up in a pan or in a microwave, for 2 to 3 minutes. Any milk would do, but a cup of fresh white milk is good for ur health, and neutralize your body.

2. Drink a cup of hot chocolate milk and combined it with marshmallow of your own choices. The sweetness from marshmallow will boost up your mood, especially when you have been so fatique after hardwork or been trapped in a traffic jam (that's one of my usual routines n_n)

I seldom to drink a cup of hot milk at night, but I have tried it before, and it tastes kinda special for me. Well, everything will taste good when you are hungry, isn't it?

This is my way to enjoy a cup of fresh milk, how about you ?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Bonjour blogger! How was your long weekend? Spent anytime overseas or just hanging around Jakarta areas? Well, I was avoiding any public places this week, due to its crowded-ness (but, went to Empo mall for having dinner few hours ago haha *cliche*).
Today is a special day, for my friend, Thomas Mensink, from Netherlands. Happy birthday blonde boy! Hope you have a blast :* kusjee.

This short post is about Marche, that I visited few months ago or I think last year, but just have the time to post it now. 

I love the pizza ! the cheese really blends in every bite ;) a perfect starter.

like this roasted chicken. not too much and not too fattening as well.

Sorry for the lack of posts these few moments, still having my studies and mid-exam is indeed around the corner.. perhaps, I will post something new after my mid, :)

This is really a short post, but hope you guys enjoy it.

have a few tips for this week:
" drink lots of water, cause the weather seems so peculiar nowadays! sometimes hot, sometimes rainy "

Location: Marche, Plaza Senayan (they have other outlets as well, in Grand Indonesia)
Rate: rating is vary, but for both dishes are 7.5/10

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mad For Garlic ?

 " Mad for Garlic presents more than 40 kinds of Garlic based menus and a wide selection of premium wines "

for any garlic-holic, you might probably have known about this restaurant. YES, its specialty is on any Garlic menus, especially the Garlic fried rice ( i forgot the official title for that menu) and it tastes so GARLIC. sorry for kept on repeating that GARLIC words.

I ain't the ambassador for this brand ! haha. that was me holding the menu pamphlet.
i know i looked quite chubby out there (taken fewwwww months ago) but now already lose some weights! yay

 Garlic salads! love the garlic and dried chilis. but say no to the salad.
 risotto. oh well, i am not a risotto lover. but this is pretty acceptable for my tongue

 garlic fried rice mentioned above. my fave!! but this is damnnnn super damn damnn damn expensive. the taste.. errrr kinda of worth the price, but u spend 100k for fried rice? put your hands up dear!

 pizzaaaaa. all types of pizza have never failed me. this includes my list.
idk the name, but if i am not mistaken, it's a bolognese spaghetti. (contains pork)

MFG,  for short, has a nice place for its customers to have dinners or lunches. however, in my opinion, they should reduce a little bit of their prices, cause everything inside is so price-y.
but, for those who love garlics, u better try this anti-vampire dishessss. hahaa * so lucky that i am human, not a vampire *  well you get what I mean right? oh you don't? oh okey. haha.

didn't try its wine, cause i am not the type who drinks, so mineral water or lychee ice tea will always be on my order list.

P.S: bring some cash or credit cards sometimes they may give u some promos on the card

Location: Mad For Garlic, Grand Indonesia.
Rate: 7/10

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tangerine shine

Holla, greetings from my personal corner of my room. Looking at the window aisle and sitting beside it, and look at those gloomy grey skies remind me of any sunny days hahaha.
well, loving this kind of weather, especially when you are alone at home, and doing nothing but just slacking and snugging in your blanket (for my current condition, i am sitting at my balcony)

here are some old photos, like few months ago, during rainy days but i managed to combined it with colorful accesories :)

Elvira for Michael Kors. yay ! loving this daily-statement bag, that can be used for both campus as well as weekend bag! loving the chains and padlock which are MK's signatures and suit up for the perfect tangerine color.
combined with Rubi Yellow shoes. :) and also Toywatch transparent watch ( kinda invisible in these picts )

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My personal bites.

Lately I have been forcing myself to stay up late at night. Mostly, I could only sleep for 3 to 4 hours max every night and been doing my assignments most of my day. Well, not most of the time perhaps, but due to lots of slacking around, I have been wasting so much time. HAHA.
so this is going to be a super duper quick post about my favorite drinks and snacks that keep me accompanying with my busy days

this is how I look during the weekends. YES! I need some fresh up moments and I want to look good during my happy moments that I have spent with my friends.

Ice lychee tea! never fails me once nor twice! I mostly order ice lychee tea in any restaurants due to its unique flavor, sweet and bitter, which is really a good combination. I always love the chunks of lychees on the drink every I order it. It is really a nice drink to have during your hectic time.

 Sweet little fellow, macaroon! love the crunchy soft thing that is served from every bite!

ice cream! soft white icy, this has always been my best friend ever since i was young. Yeah, ice cream never fails me in my time and it is a good dessert after heavy meals.

cheese wedges. loving this kind of appetizer! cheesy, salty, and yummy. this is a good starter before your meal and it is better if you share it with others. :)

Well, guys I have to stop here ! and continue with my personal task. Hope this meal doesn't drool you on your laptop or computer or any of your gadgets.

See you guys soon and best of luck for my assignments :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

i don't really mean to be so oh-narcisstic right here. I just wanted to share that I have a hair issue. YEAH! sadly, my hair is falling down, quite a lot than any normal hair would do. GOSH, I hate it when this time has come. Reason, particularly, it is too long! but I just don't feel like cutting it. (FYI, I am an anti-short-hair, even though it's just 5cm) hahaha.

Well, I have no further purpose of posting this up, but I just wanna ask some solutions. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO KEEP IT LONGER WITHOUT ANY HAIR-FALL ?
Any treatment recommendations that could you give? :)

At the backyard beach

First of all I wanna say, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY. I specially dedicated this day to respect all the women, especially mothers who have been our QUEENS and PROTECTORS on the first second of our life.

As promised (before), I am going to post about something beach-y (umm, don't pronounce it wrongly).
piles of assignments are "patiently" waiting for me to do them, which in fact, i am not in the mood of doing any of them. So, without further delay, let's start with our beach-y post!

Oh before that ! I wanna thank you my buddy, Bryan Andrean Putra, from coffeecreamandthecaffeine blogger, for helping me out of snapping every picts and bits. Eventually, he used his camera and borrowed my memory card, so all these picts are credit for him ;)

Photographer as well as my buddy.. thanks for all the shors ;)

calamari rings
cheese fondue wedges (highly recommended)

Mie Gele

Fried Sakaw Noodle (recommended)

the whole buddies :)

hmm. i know this is kinda a weird pose. haha, but don't get me wrong, i am not the spokeperson for canon, nor a promoter. but ... i love canon the best :) for every outdoor, indoor, and macro angle.

I invited my campus friends to Dermaga Cafe, in Pantai Mutiara, to celebrate my second birthday party bash. it is actually a simple gathering but it was really meaningful for me. :) 
I love the scenery here, with all the view of beach and private yachts of the houses' owners around there, and the place is indeed very beautiful... 
You dont need to dress up any fancy clothes, just take yourself as if you are eating at seaside ...
It is kinda packed of in the weekends, especially dinner time, and don't forget to try its special menu, MIE SAKAW, which is highly recommended !! 

I was wearing:

Unbranded shirts in beige
Pull n Bear Short pants
Toywatch watch
Salvatore Double Tour Bracelet
Salvatore Varina Flats in Mint

Location: Dermaga Cafe, Pantai Mutiara
Rate: 8.5/10

Sunday, March 4, 2012


holla, new month has come... well, i am back to my normal days, which are ... being struggled with assignments due to new semester. haha. indeed, i have particularly abandoned my laptop, not because i am bored with it, but due to being hectic for the whole week. However, this is just a short post for the next preview of my days.

stay tune for the new posts. it's going to be about 3Fs : fashion, food, and friends.
see you !