Monday, April 30, 2012

Cake of the month

CAKE OF THE MONTH. do you still remember  the post about union red velvet cake HERE? now, it is time for the cake of the month, since April is fading away. hahaha.
this cake is from Tin Pan Alley, that has the taste of lemon meringue. hmm. to be honest, I don't really like the taste cause it is quite sour. however, I select it as the cake of the month is because of its cute serving, and has the meringue covered on top. I still recommend Tin Pan Alley's red velvet, not because am a fan of red velvet, but due to its nice taste and the sweet cheese cream.

if you wanna know more about the menus that I have reviewed earlier on, you can just simply CLICK << this. Furthermore, keep on reading my blog, to know the NEXT cake of the month :D

Saturday, April 28, 2012

new statement bag

alright, this time is going to be a bag post! well, i am myself, a true lover of many designer bags, those include, chanel, balenciaga, LV, prada, etc. However, it is hard for me to have the right bag that I can use for daily or campus. FINALLY! i have finally found the one (hmm, it sounds like the title of one romantic song). the new statement bag is THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL. yes, I ordered it from my friend and it's been almost a month. really couldn't wait for it.
so, this is so called the BATCHEL type in yellow. I am not a fan of yellow, but I found out that this color could help me to mix and match, and also do some color blocking. Definitely a must have color for all seasons. this one is 15" in size, i am afraid that the bag is gonna be too big, but i have lots of stuff to put in, so i guess this is pretty reasonable to be carried around.

found this picture from miss Carolina Engman, from fashion squad, and actually the fluo color looks pretty good on her, i don't know why. haha. but it seems that the color is "born" to be hers. love ur style lady ;)

However, it seems there are some delays in the shipping process. it takes quite a long time, a month or more to arrive here :( I can't wait for it to come T_T

Cambridge Satchel comes in very handy and stylish. it has so many colors that fascinates me, like the green one. Gosh, I was very confused of choosing whether it is gonna be a green or yellow.

and my choice fell on the yellow one ... but this green really impresses me T_T and it's really a hard thing to choose. the bag itself is very English, just like the kind of school bag that English girls use in many English movies, and that's make more interested of buying it ;)
The bag has many types, such as Classic, Designer Bag, Batchel, Music Bag, etc and the colors do vary too! They have so many good attractive colors that will give u hard decision to pick one
however if you don't like any bright color, this is a nice Designer Bag Batchel type that comes in 15"
love the combination of black and chocolate, and will suit in any casual clothes.

well this is my current interest so far for an affordable bag and yet, i hope that mine is going to arrive soon!

BlueGrass Bar&Grill

mina san, genki desu ka? haha, hmm don't understand the language? well, it is actually in Nihon-go desu (it's Japanese). on the first sentence, it says "Hai guys, how are you?". don't get me wrong, i am not a Japanese nor Japan lover, but I used to study this language to further up my language knowledge, instead of being able to speak Indonesian, English, and Mandarin only. my parents want me to speak multi-language so it eases me to communicate with others ;)

alright, now it is going to be a food post, yay ! haha. without further delay, let's see these photos taken when I tried BlueGrass for the first time. 

 grrrr.. the prawn is so tempting!

 the phenomenal rainbow cake.. quite yummy, but still loving red velvet more!

left to right: cindy kiman (black), kathleen lie (black in middle), myself (white)

frankly speaking, I don't really like the place, it is too crowded and less capacity. the service is not so good and the waiters are not that efficient. the food is ok but there are still many resto of the same kind having better menus. luckily the drinks helped out ;)

Dresscode: wear something semi-formal, such as dress, skirts, and no slippers allowed 

Location: BlueGrass Bar&Grill, Epicentrum, Kuningan
Rate: 7/10

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

feeling so BLUE

BLUE. that's my fav color for ages. Found this exclusive blue color from chanel and my comment is SATISFACTION.
The color is so stunning that I can't wait to look for it in any stores available.
I have a similar color as well, from O.P.I (am a collector of this brand) but it's more blue than this one.

This is one of my wishlist to-die-for-to have item. Check out any nailpolish or Chanel stores, perhaps they might have one. Tell me if you have found one of this :D

Btw, I still have 6 exams coming up, so bear with any post delay guys. thanks ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Savvy food from FOODISM

exam week is on! so I couldn't pour out so many words to entertain you guys. However, I could share this photo to complete your weekend
OH! btw, happy Earth day, hope u keep ur ecosystem and environment perfectly in a good way.

these food are from FOODISM, located in Senayan City, and sorry for the blurry/unclear image due to the lack of light on the scene itself.

I guess pictures explains thousand of unexplained words, aren't they? I have to go back to my thick Information System book due to my schedule exam tomorrow.

Wish me luck, so I could conquer the exammmm!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Me on Instagram !

I have just had a long nap today and it really freshens me up!
just wanna share a pic of myself (being so narcisstic) on instagram.
I used to have this app on my iPhone before it booms, as in now, and somehow, I thought it was just an app where u can do any self cam-whore and I DELETED!
well, I am going to install it again, and do lotsa shots later on ;)

yeah this is me :D borrowed my friend's iPad, in times when I get bored with my lectures. hahaha
so please bear with my narcisstic image in here ;)
* it turns out pretty good *

Do i look like nutz here? hmmm. perhaps not :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bistro baron

hey bloggies, how are your days? Sorry for the lack of updates, for the whole week. I have been keeping myself to do other stuffs, well not exactly studying, but doing house chores. one of my maids has gone to her homie as she's getting married. well, congrats to her, but not to me. And now, I am currently 'replacing' her to do the chores. Woke up at 5, literally at 5.30, and tidy up the whole house, rooms, and then goes to campus. Pheww. that was very hectic. So guess, how many maids do I have right now? hmm, one is left, but now becomes two (that's insanely includes myself -_-)

by the way, I have received a good feedback from one of my lecturer as he happened to follow up my blogs. haha.. I know it's actually not really a big deal, but I have never told him before that I have a blog. The good thing is he knows it on his own without me 'promoting' it. Thank you sir, for the complements and the praises, and keeps on reading mine :D

So, last week, it happened that i could have some spare time with my ladies, to have a late lunch together at Bistro Baron in Plaza Indonesia, and did some shopping spree... 

french baquette. a nice complement from bistro baron that includes 6 slices of french bread.
fresh salad. the best salad i have ever tasted! remember? that I dislike salad. but this one is really worth to try! amazingly, i love it and definitely will come back here again.
btw, for any busy women n men, eating a plate of salad a day will enrich your body immune and stay healthy. for any disliker, like myself, try to love salad cause i realize that it is rich in vitamins and fibres.

my favorite drink! can any of you guess? yes! it's lychee tea. worth the price ;)

typical ice lemon tea.
something new on the drink list. it is a guava juice with mint n something. the unique thing is, the more you stir, the greener it would look like. As you can see there is liquid green at the bottom.
don't really like it :S it tastes like a toothpaste. haha

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring spree

Been off for few days due to the loss of internet connection in my house. Yes, there were certain probs that lead me of not being able to blog. That's a sad thing to do isn't it?

By the way, I haven't finished editing some of the photos (please bear with me...) for the next updates but I wanna share what I have purchased recently. Well, not too recent I guess, but since it is SPRING, it is the right time to mix and match, do some color blocking! hence, I have some tips of giving the type of color that will match almost in any clothes and styles.

It is so-called the MINT color. It has some baby blue kinda of color tone with a lil' green combination.

This Salvatore flats are really comfortable and the best thing is, you do not need to have lots of shoes to mix n match, whereas you could have one pair of shoes to die for. This color is indeed very rare, and I bought it at discount prices with the last pair of it. WOW! that's incredible :D

Try this kind of color for your daily shoes, because the color is so natural that will shine out your feet. Yet, it will look better, if you match it with white shirt, baby pink skirt, and MINT shoes. 

I hope that this post will inspire you to look fashionable during the spring season and try to mix different colors that you have never used before. Be dare to be different, girls ;)
uuuh ... don't forget to stay tune for the next post, which will be another FOOD POST :D

P.S: Mid is on its way! wish me luckkkk u_u

Thursday, April 5, 2012

cake of the month

Red velvet cake from Union

I have chosen red velvet cake as the cake of the month because of its huge demand in every cake factory or restaurants. Its popularity has increased as many people are wanting this cake as the desert.
I have tried some velvets from some restaurants and they have never failed me at all, esp this velvet from Union :D
The secret to every red velvet cake is the icing itself. the combination of cheese cream, sugar, and fresh cream must have the exact ratio to pour out the essence that completes the cake.

If the cream cheese is too sweet or too tasteless, it actually depends on the taster himself, because every person has different level of taste that he likes.

By the way, this is a quick post before heading up to Church. Yes, it's White Thursday today, and I just want to share a quick post for my readers.

Adios !

Monday, April 2, 2012

Elvira's Recipe The Joy of Baking: Choco coated brownie cupcakes

holla! spring has come! it's april, the month of warmness and colorful!
in my country (Indonesia), there is either Rainy day or Hot Sunny day. There are no other seasons like Winter, autumn, or spring. Mostly are summer in here, with a little drop of rain sometimes.
Ok. stop talking about the season thing, lets jump to our topic.

So yeah, besides becoming a part-time blogger, part time students, I also put my passions on BAKING. One day, I wanna be like those master chefs have done, working at the back field, which is the kitchen. with so many modern utensils and tools, and cool ovens and multifunctions mixer. WOW, I have been dreaming of that ever since I started baking for the first time, and now I am wishing I can and i want to!

So, this is the mixing part of the ingredients. I can't spill out the recipe but I can guide you how to make it :) loving all the chocolate mixture, it is sooooo goey and looks yummy.
Common ingredients will be: eggs, flour, cocoa powder, margarine, sugar, and homemade chocolate bar.

empty paper cup. this is the place where the fillings are being put. Don't forget to heat up your oven in this process to reach the maximum level of crispiness in every baking.
remember, it must be in a good room temperature.

when all the cups are half-full filled. don't fill it too full, cause the dough will rise up. can't wait for it to be ready.

25 minutes later...

taraaaaa... Choco coated brownie cupcakes are ready to be served !!!! can't wait to try it. wait, when the time is up, do not open the oven too soon. wait for at least 5 mins, to cool it down.

ready to be served with a cup of tea or coffee... you can decorate it with putting whipped cream on top, but i guess it would be too sweet cause the choco itself has given a perfect combination of sweet and bitter and also crispiness.

There are other recipes that I have tried, such as Pandan chiffon cake, chocolate butter cookies, kue kukus, vanilla cupcakes with icing, and many more

Btw, you can order this choco brownies cupcakes via email ;)
* (but I will mostly use and check this email daily)

or you can just simply click the comment button and comment below for ordering
opps... don't forget to attach your information and ways of payment (currently, only open for delivery in Muara Karang, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pluit, and Pantai Mutiara, and also Binus International University for my fellow friends who study there)