Sunday, August 21, 2011

once upon a HOT CHOCOLATE

Pancious' hot chocolate marshmallow 

autumn is almost around the corner, prepare yourself with some comfortable warm outfits ;)
complete your autumn season with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow toppings (hmmm. my fave)

i have always loved any windy days or seasons, it's comfortable, cozy, and yet soothing. unlike any weather in summer, i can conquer the coldness in both winter and autumn. i hate hot places, i prefer a cold and windy one. to warm my body up, mostly i love to drink milk coffee, or hot milk tea. it is the best thing to do after all

soo, cheers ! have yourself a cup of hot marshmallow chocolate ;)

P.S: you can actually make this at home by yourself. it is easy, trust me :)

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