Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wee Nan Kee Chicken Rice

Wee Nan Kee Chicken Rice, located in Singapore at Novena ( opposite of Novena Square ) and a perfect place to have a low-cost lunch. Better come earlier (before lunch-time) cause it is very very CROWDED. I went there around 2 pm and we have to wait for like almost 20 mins to get a seat.
The meal is not expensive and I spent less than $10 to fulfill my hunger ;)

So, let's take a look at the pics below

one whole set of 1/2 steamed chicken and 1/2 roasted chicken. DELICIOUS !

Now... Let's take a closer look. The chicken is perfectly steamed and roasted
and i ensure you will NEVER regret !

with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Tom Yaw vegetables. Perfect *winkz* 

What do you think about this then? Are you tempted to try? let me know if you have tried and share the taste with us. *teeeeeheee*

Rate: 8.5/10
Location: Novena, Singapore

Friday, July 29, 2011


 AWFULLY CHOCOLATE, yeah, that's the name. what is so 'awful' about this choco? nahh... actually, everything is so PERFECTO. Located at ION's Orchard Mall (Singapore), at the basement which is on the same level as the food court, and you can find this fancy chocolatier shop with its white design. AWFULLY CHOCOLATE sells cupcakes (you can see below) and also other types of choco cakes.

The taste of this cake is AWFULLY sweet, and yet so mouth-watering, gosh, I bet you will never be able to resist that !
Overall, for any chocolate-lover, this is must-try desserts to complement your day in Singapore

Bon appetite ;)

the best chocolate cake, even HARVEST can't beat this ;)

Rate: 8/10
Location: ION Orchard Mall, Singapore.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chili's Burger

Chili's Chicken Burger 

Heyyy.. take a LOOK at the pict! can you see any CHILI's? haha.. this subway-slas-fastfood restaurant is named Chili's, but that doesn't mean it serves any spicy food here. Its specialty menus are definitely burgers and other appetizers such as chicken-strips fritters, french fries, etc.

the place is just like any ordinary downtown's fast food resto in America (if you have never been there before, you can re-load your brain to any American's movie where the actors and actresses normally hang-out with their friends after school, and this place looks exactly like that). 
Special note for you: please do SHARE with another friend, as the portion is unusual, which is very large (for me). if you are not a good muncher, this can be shared within two people. =)

the taste is delicious and the fries are perfectly deep-fried. the buns are soft and yet still hot while served and best served with chili sauce for the Indonesian's people like us. mayonese and mustard are also perfect friends to be applied into the burger if you like it. 

If you are craving to eat in a quiet fast food restaurant  where you can slack around, this is the best place that you can relax yourself for your afternoon relaxation. Enjoy .... !

Rate: 8.5/10
Location: Sarinah, Jakarta Pusat

the LAME and EVIL !

jokes by Kristin EVIL Teddy and Kathleen the LAME

hey bloggers, here are some random post, which is taken from the screen-shot of my facebook. Short brief about this, I was writing a status for the new updates of my food blog, and my friends were playing a prank on me (evils). Well, they are just joking around, so don't get influenced ok? *teeee...heeee*

anyway, these two awesome friends of mine are just joking around, like we always do, and i am not angry if they did that, just an old-school type of prank. hahahaha. awww, i miss them so badly after all.

keep on checking my blog if you wanna know the cutest or fanciest place to hang out ;)

Tom Yam Coconut

Tom Yum Kelapa 

have you ever heard about " Tom Yum Kelapa " ? you might be wondering, how is it going to be served and stuff, isn't it? well, this unusual tom yum menu, is very rare and hard to find, and i am sure not all of you have ever heard or even tried this before. 

This tom yum is served with the whole surface of coconut, and the water from the coconut was perhaps taken out and the fruit itself is served with tom yum. The taste is quite sensational and tropical, where you can taste both sweet, salty, and also a lil' sour on your tongue.  *fantastico*

however, you can no longer find this tom yum ( at this moment ), as the stall was closed last year =(
maybe you are able to make your own (home-made) and serve this to your family :)
overall, it has a unique taste that you can never imagine 

Rate: 7/10
Location: Pantai Mutiara Food Court (not available anymore)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have you ever been to the Singapore Flyer in Marina Bay Sands ? there is a restaurant inside where you can have dinners or a place to wait for the flyers, but I am sorry, I forgot the exact name and place, however, I could recall that the restaurant is nearby with a sitting-on-a-bench monkey, nearest to the restroom :) so these are some pictures of its food :)

Singapore FLyer's nachos, authentic sauce, great taste :)

 deep fried golden prawn-fritters, crispy and yet still have the taste of prawns inside 

beef burger, yummy, the chips are exactly being fried perfectly, and the meat is juicy. 

this restaurant serves all western food. the place is quite and classy, and just a perfect place to hang out with your friends. try the appetizers menu, and I will make sure you will not regret of ordering it =)
this guilty-pleasure is definitely GUILTY ! cause all the stuffs consist of lots of calories... T_T

Rate: 7/10

Location: Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands.

Craving for some Cheesy Stuffs ?

KFC Cheesy Fries

all of you have DEFINITELY heard about KFC rite? well, if some of you have ever been to Singapore before or going to Singapore soon, make sure that you will try this Cheese Fries. In my country, Indonesia, I cannot find any of this in any KFC outlets, and as far as I have know, only in KFC Singapore serves this.

Are you tempted to try this guilty-snacks? oh yah, you have to ! It is one of the best best best best Cheese Fries that I have ever ever ever tasted ( oh, sorry for the dramatic-o-cally el commento ).. for only $3.60 you can try this menu ... FYI, I ate this at eleven pm last nite due to not being able to resist. gosh, it is so IRRESISTIBLE ! 

Rate: 9/10

Location: any KFC outlets in SINGAPOREEEE !

anyway, if you want to know more about fashions and lifestyle, what is the latest updates in towns, please make sure that you will visit these fantastic blog of friends of mine =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

hey everyone, I am currently out of my country, so might not be able to update any latest info about Food

however, gonna post more photos after my returns.

soooooooo........ stay tune on my blog, okey ?

bon apetite 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Bibliotheque is another western restaurant which is located at Sampoerna Strategic Square Builiding, Thamrin. Bibliotheque is a fantastic place to hang out both with families and friends ;)

The theme of this place looks like an old British library, which has the sense of lots of thick books with many hanging rounded lamps that make the place looks more eye-cachy and romantic.

my all time favorite:  Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken stripes (strips)

Mozarella cheese-sticks. the must-have appetizers to seize up your meals :)

Bibliotheque is kind of expensive for the price of its meals and drinks, but it is worth the price for the taste of its food.
overall, this is a must-go place for your weekends 

Rate: 8/10

Bibliotheque, Sampoerna Strategic Square Building

Indomie Bang Adek

indomie goreng with " sedeng " level of spicy-ness

ha? indomie? what is so special? well, some of you might re-consider of what you have said
yeap, this is just an original indomie, the specialty is its level of spicy-ness .

2 types of indomie bang adek:
- indomie gorengg
- indomie kuah

Indomie goreng is almost everyone's favorite, includes with kroket and fried egg, where as indomie kuah is added with grated cheese and chilis. the level of spicy-ness varies, depends on how strong that person could bare:
- sedeng
- pedes
- pedes mampus
( actually i forgot the levels, but only these that I could re-call)

feel free to try the last level of SPICY-ness and make sure prepare anti-diarrohea pills to recover hahaha

Dresscode: just wear any casual or big size shirt, and do not be formal, sweats will roll over your back and foreheads

Rate: 8.5/10

Belakang Roxy Mas.

Craving for Dessert ?

This is the FIRST POST to start with my food-blog

These desserts are served at Pesto, a warm-authentic western restaurant, which is suitable for a romantic dinner with your couples ;)
They have their main courses and favorite drinks, however let's start with its dessert first.

I forgot the name, but I remember it starts with crepes something, just show this picture to the waiter if you are drooling to have it :D

Valentine's edition of panna-cota, sweet rum, great creme ;)

Some tippy notes for you people:
- Please dress up cause this is kinda a formal place to have a dinner -

Pesto is not really expensive compares with other western restaurants, and really worth the price
Ask the waiters for Pesto's most favorite-picked menus and you will not regret

bon appetite

Rate: 7.5/10

Pesto Restaurant, UOB Plaza.

about the blogger

hi, this is me Archangela Girlani ELVIRA Sanjaya

hai everyone, I am Elvira a.k.a Vivi. Well, why was it underlined above? Certain people or let's say stranger; tend to only call me Archangela, where in fact, Elvira is my name. But let's call me Vivi, aight?

So, I am new to food blogger, hence, I am not a newbie on personal blogging. Yes! I do have another blog here : and this blog is only about my personal life such as family, friends, and campus life. 

Few facts about ME:
- half-time blogger ; full-time university student
- I don't play twitter (maybe gonna make it one day)
- Yes, facebook!
- Definitely a muncher ;) that's why am creating this food blog.

Ok, that's enough for the intro. So I hope you enjoy reading my food-blogging. Feel free to ask me on the comments box and I will share my culinary experience with you