Monday, August 8, 2011

Ninety-Nine Restaurant

Ninety-nine is a new western restaurant (recently opened in November 2010) almost one year ago, and I just made some quality time with my fellows to enjoy a nice authentic brunch-ner ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner ) since I did have neither lunch nor breakfast, and it was almost 5 pm when dinner should start. haha

The restaurant itself is located at the centre of Grand Indonesia, and it was exactly nearby the Ranch market 99. it is quite an astonishing place to hang out due to many rich indonesians particularly eating here, and the price of certain food quite expensive, and it will be full on the weekends.

 Nasi Bebek Goreng. The green chili spice is definitely very hot but it tastes delicious tho`
served with hot rice, some potato chips, and prawn crackers.

 Appetizers to start with: chili fries. it is served with a bowl of melted cheese and chili minced bbq meat and the taste is quite good. the fries are deeply-fried and crispy.

it also serves asian Indonesian food such as Nasi goreng (fried rice) served with fried egg, and prawn crackers.

I actually recommend this place if you wanna have both asian and western food at the same time (regardless its high price) and the place is quite cozy and comfortable for having your meals. 
most visitors are towards the high-end societies, and many socialites are gathering here on the weekends.

No specific dresscodes are required, just a nice casual outfit would complement your style, and do dress smart-ly.

Rate: 7.5/10
Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground

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