Sunday, September 30, 2012

Old-fashioned favorites

Having no intention of going out this Sunday, I ended up to make a weekend post. Recently, I am getting bored of going out to malls and hang out, and intensively, I am kinda busy nowadays with some works and tasks to do. So, I am lacking of my social periods, but I still can chat with friends in school.

This post is actually reminds me of something that I always love to eat in any western/italian restaurants. pasta, pizza, burgers are no exceptions to try out. However, there are some moments when you get sick of eating it, and prefer Chinese more. Dimsum, dumplings, chinese soup are indeed categorized in my top lists. 

So, these pictures actually "present" what menus I order the most frequent and definitely I will less get bored at. hahaha, I still love Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian foods, especially Indonesian food, but there are times that you should have experienced another type of "food-tasting".

As an appetizer, potato wedges are definitely on my top lists. You can share it within 3 to 4 people (note that I could not eat a lot of food at once. hahaha. so this is my portion though, can be divided to many people).
Chicken steak, casual and old-fashioned menu in most western restaurants.

Spaghetti! couldn't resist any of it.
burgers and chips, a must have menu in any American or Western restaurants. Filled with chicken breasts or beef and accompanied by fries on the side.
Apple pie, one of the best phenomenal desserts in the entire world. loving the sweetness, crunchiness, and caramelization of apple that give the joy of whoever eats it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cake of the month: Marches Bread Pudding

BREAD PUDIDNG. Hai, I am back with my blogging routine and it's almost the end of September, it is time for CAKE OF THE MONTH. I always feel excited every time I have the chance to update about my cake of the month. Sorry for abandoning this blog for quite a while, because I need to adapt with my new schedule and I feel pretty hectic nowadays. *sigh*

Do you still remember when we were young there were more little choices of cakes, breads, or other desserts than today's? Indeed, I feel that there are lot of varieties in sweet pastries that make people are killing their curiousity just to try them. Let's name some, such as red velvet, rainbow cakes, apple pie, and bread puddings. All of them are 'booming' from time to time and becomes everyone's favorite.

My favorite one is bread pudding ( I like other cake as well ) and you can now grab it in most bakery store such as Bread Talk, Bread Life, etc. Recently I have tried to make it on my own because I am craving so much for it and I still have my ingredients to make it. The result is, VOILA, it's delicious, spongy, creamy, and has the right taste of sweetness. My family is craving for more, and I promise to make another one for them around this week :). Trust me, it is easy and not time consuming.

So the last bread pudding that I tried was from Marche's. I always love going to Marche because it provides varieties of food, like the Italian food market, that offers spaghetti, classic pizza, and rostti.
Well, for the desserts of course I chose BREAD PUDDING.

Loving the cinnamon essence and brown sugar sprinkles on top and make this want to have more and more bites everytime I eat this.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feast to the eye: Canteen, Plaza Indonesia

FEAST TO THE EYE. Before I start this food post, I would like congratulate the new governor, Jokowi and Ahok. We, as the citizens, hope that you could bring a new change and make a huge improvement on our city and abolish the traffics, crimes, as well as the flood-routines. :)

For quite a while, I feel bored with the restaurants in Jakarta. it seems like most of them are likely the same, and what makes them different is that the location and their respective themes. Somehow, they might have cute/unique/extraordinary decorations, but the food is a disappointment. Whereas very least of them that the place itself is not very tempting, but the food is really a feast to the eye.

There is this restaurant that makes me feel a "come-back" despite all the fancy restaurants that i tried before, and ur guess is right, it is Canteen Restaurant. I used to have a routine of eating here, and ate the same menu, however, when I went there few weeks ago, they somehow changed the menu. Well, without looking at the menu, i confidently ordered my fav one here, ratatouille, to the servant. To my astonishment, the waiter said that the food was no longer available *sigh*

Back to business, Canteen is very classic-minimalist (don't really know the exact name haha) and warm and welcoming. It feels like certain restaurants that I used to try when I visited Australia restaurants in my youth time.

 Chicken wings. Not a big fan of chicken wings, but this one is acceptable.

 our appetizers before entree. Calamari rings. Love this one very much.

 pork ribs. this is a must 'eat' meal if you are having a fattening diet. Lots of carbs and fats are absorbed, and my friends said that this one is nice, so i guess it is perfectly marinated. Well, for the many times, I of course didn't eat this one !

 Fried dori fish.

 Spaghetti with tenderloin. I like the execution, the components are smartly placed and I love the beef, it is juicy and well-cooked.
 Baked penne. I love this one !!! a new fav and replacement for my ratatouille T__T

 Apple's pie, it is everyone's favorite with the vanilla ice cream.

peach cheesecake. I dont really like this one, it is sour and not sweet, unlike the original newyork cheesecake. but the tuile is definitely my FAVORITE !!!! gonna try to make it soon :D

Actually, I have ever reviewed about the canteen before, and my favorite ratatouille is out there! yay
I give u the link to my previous post :) --> HERE

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Monday, September 17, 2012


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Fable Lounge and Dining

SOPHISTICATION. I was mesmerized on how fast that Jakarta's culinary business has expanded throughout the year. I could still remember that during my youth time, I would feel very thrilled and excited when my parents brought me to a small chinese restaurant at the side of the road, where the place was really out of elegant and luxurious theme. But I was happy even until now. I love eating street food, like mie tek tek, street snacks, and etc, even though the hygiene should be questioned right here, should not it? Well, I am just a normal girl who loves to eat what I like and I dont mind whether the place is a high-end, or low-budget centric.

Today's post will be dedicated to one of the "youngest" hype place in Jakarta, known as Fable, as it just opened its restaurant not over a year, I guess. Located at the busiest street in Jakarta, Sudirman perimeter, makes this place looks strategic, as its exact location is also full of some restaurants.

For quite a long time, I was kind of curious of this phenomenal restaurant. hearing the comments from my friends who have been there before, some said that the place was sophisticated and very elegant and unique, but the price of the food is not really that "cash-friendly". To kill my curiousity, and ignoring one of my buddies feedback, Bryan Andrean Putra, I summoned to try it myself. hahaha.
So here are some photos taken with my DSLR, and sorry for the bad pics, because my camera setting was not like usual one.

 Ice lychee tea. I have said tons of times that this drink is my fav, but Fable didn't really satisfy me that much :( furthermore, this glass is very expensive, around Rp 45.000 / glass and I couldn't taste any lychee-ness in this drink.
 Friendly staffs were having fun and they welcomed me very much when I reviewed the restaurant.

 elegant place to drink and eat. You ca chit chat with people in this area, and this is a special bar for that occasion.
 The entrance is definitely my favorite spot. Look at how sophisticated it is that I was mesmerized with the lights and the outer design of rock and caves.
 penne carbonara. YUMMY. loving this dish very much. The price is Rp 119.000 per plate and can be said very expensive for a simple dish of pasta. But, luckily the taste is very dominant, and I love the creaminess and al den te pasta. El magnifico.
 Fettucini prawn aglio olio. Not as tasty as the carbonara, it really needs more spice. Rp 119.000 per plate and not worth it. Very disappointing.

 Healthiest meal of the night. Salmon with rocket salad with pan seared baked baby potato. yummy. I love the title, but I dont really like the salmon. The salmon is cooked perfectly but lack of seasoning. it costs us around Rp 139.000 per plate and the portion is so small and yet very high cost.

Pork belly something. By knowing the name, this is the only food that I didnt touch !!! hahahaha naah, for many times I said, I don't like porks! So, try it yourself if you wanna know the taste :P

 Creme brulee. hmm typical creme brulee like I have ever tried before. But lovely glaze on top! perfect caramelization.

Lemon tart with vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis. YUmmmmmmy. I never believe that lemon tart could have been made as delicious as this one. hahaha. I dont really like sour food or cake, but this is an exception. I kinda disappointed with the strawberry coulis. In my perspective point of view, coulis supposed to have the puree like, but this one is pretty much like a strawberry jam. A coulis should feel fresh and the sourness of strawberry should be very dominant. But somehow this is like a jar of strawberry jam and take it as the coulis for the lemon tart. After all, the cake itself is nice, and the sourness did not empower the whole dish.

Sorry for the blurry image. this was me with my Seattle friend, Michelle Febriani.
I was wearing: Tory Burch wedges / YSL Chych Clutch / Clothinc waterfall blazer / ZARA tanktop / Cotton on short jeans.

After I went to Fable, I told Bryan about my experience and when i said i was not satisfied with the restaurant, then he literally gave me that sinister looks! groaar bryan, you are so mean. hahaha but I guess I have to believe him more instead of challenging myself to kill my curiousity. however, i feel satisfied that I have tried Fable and so I know the experience of eating there.

Great place, interior design, waiters and staffs, but Fable should improve the taste of its dish and reduce the price of the food and drinks.

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Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
SCBD Lot. 14, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 515-1501

Rate: 7/10 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

sneak peek: FABLE

hola bloggers, howdy howdy!! Gosh, the time is flying in constant high speed and it is almost the mid of September already. Next week I am going to start my school and I feel quite happy and disappointed :(
Anyway, I have no time to edit photos nor updating my blog frequently after next week cause I will definitely have a rush hour when the new semester starts.. Hence, i will give a sneak peek of new post that is going to be updated in the next review, which is about Fable.

So stay tune with foodcouture and follow our instagram under the same name FOODCOUTURE. thanks a bunch folks and have a nice read out :*

Sunday, September 9, 2012


RAMEN. holaaa, new first post of the month, sorry for the delay of updating new stuff. Wow, the year has almost come to the near end, and I hope that there won't be any DOOM DAY! I don't believe on that such explosive news as I believe in God's words and visions. 

Today's new post will be about ramen. Most of you know what ramen is right, a signature dish from the sakura country, Japan, that is rich in broth soup and the texture of noodle itself is different than the one we have in Indonesia, China, or even Italy's spaghetti. Ramen is really quite having an astonishing popularity here in jakarta as I have like 3 resto that serve ramen in my housing areas. But between those three, I found out that IKKUDO ICHI is really my favorite one. This ramen really reminds me of the one in Singapore, IPPUDO ramen resto, but IKKUDO ICHI's is really rich in taste and seasoning and it really suits my Indonesian's tongue.
However the different between IPPUDO in Singapore with IKKUDO ICHI in Jakarta is that the price. The one in Singapore can cost up to 2 or 3 times of IKKUDO ICHI's and it is not really that worth it for a bowl of ramen.. The average rate of one bowl of ramen in IKKUDO ICHI is around the starting price of Rp 39.000,- and Singapore one is around $15-20 per bowl (Rp 100.000,- to Rp 150.000,- approx).

instagram: FOODCOUTURE
 I was in front of IKKUDO ICHI big bowl banner.

 chicken and prawn gyoza, not highly recommended, I dont like it and the taste is kinda weird.

this is the ramen that we are talking about. it is so called the tonkotsu ramen (I think so, I literally forgot it when I write down the name) that contains of 3 sliced pork meat and broth soup, and the best part is the half-boiled egg with the gooey egg yolks inside. yummy....

In IKKUDO ICHI we can literally choose our own 'designed' ramen texture and richness.
They have the choice of:
1. Richness --> is it going to be rich in oil and taste, normal, or low. my suggestion is u should use the normal one because if u choose the high richness, the soup turns out to be very oily, fattening, and will not taste very good.

2. Texture of noodle: do you want it to be al-dente? or well-done cooked or just normal.

3. Types of noodle: curly or normal noodle. I like the curly one indeed even tho they taste the same. haha

After all, I really love IKKUDO ICHI and I will definitely come back here very very OFTEN haha. Well, it is frigging nearby my house and I could just drive there in 5 or 10 mins.
Tips for foodies who want to visit it: it opens daily at 11-2pm and it will open again at 5pm-9pm.

instagram: FOODCOUTURE

I have recently made a new account for formspring and ANYONE is allowed to ask me without making any account as the questions are opened for public. :)

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Location: IKKUDO ICHI, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Rate: 8/10