Sunday, August 28, 2011

freshen up your day with SALAD !

do you believe that I DISLIKE salad? why? how come? yeahh.. i have always received that typical kind of questions. the reason is because they aren't cooked and i don't really like some mustards or mayonaise on my food. that's why I don't really love having salad for my starters or as my dietary meal. however, i reviewed this post is because i want to compare two different salads from two different restaurants ;) 

#notes: my friends ate these, so i asked 'bout their opinions. ;)

 tadaaaa ~ the first one is CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD from Secret Recipe
hmmm. i love the taste of the chicken, deep-fried, crispy, and yet juicy :) 
my friends said they dont really like the sauce of the salad, it tastes weird. 
but most of them love the chicken too.

NOSTREDAUM SALAD (I don't really know how to spell the name lol) from Pizza Marzano.
i love how the salad looks like, it is colorful, and yet attractive. the veggie looks fresh and so green
my fav thing from this dish is the little round buns (can u see it?) at the side of the dish.
it is so chewyyyyyy, and tastes so garlic ! love it :D
as usual, it is my friend who tasted this, she said that she liked the salad.
the sauce and veggies are fresh and yet tasty. 
and also, she likes the buns as well ! yaaay to BUNS n__n

so the winner is the *drummmm....rolllll.....* 

yeah... from friends' reviews this salad tastes better :)

 special GUEST STAR today : TaBoeBoe, from Food Plaza Pantai Indah Kapuk
it is called Tahu Bulat and with bbq or cheese seasonings on top.
it is deep-fried and served while hot.
it is quite nice, and it only costs Rp 7000 / 20 small pieces (just like at the picture)
wanna try some? ;) kill your curiosity and go there, as the place also sells many types of food.


  1. Karina NurherbyantiAugust 29, 2011 at 12:36 PM

    i love caesar salad. u should try the one from bakerzin.:)

  2. sure, i will ask my friend to eat the one from bakerzin :D