Monday, January 30, 2012

Korea Trip Part 2

Anyong Haseo, here i am back with the second post of my KoreA TRIP! :)
My current condition. still left hanging with two more exams yay !!! and then I am gonna have my holiday with my beloved friends. Can't wait to meet u guys again :*
These photos are all taken in Korea's Everland, somehow like a Disneyland or Universal Studios

Lovely dolls, yet so expensive u_u.
my smallest sister, she was wearing my mother's Christian Dior Sunglasses. Love all her outfits, colorful in winter :3

my first small sister :) the flying pork, that's what I have always called her.
Yipee. that was me ;) having fun in Everland
 mommy daddy, first appearance in my blog, aren't they ?
 sister climbing up a tree.

our dinner ! The famous Chicken Ginseng Soup ;)

I was wearing:
Mango Winter Coats
Zara Scarfs
Levi's Jeans
Mantaray Boots
Balenciaga Bag

btw, goodbye Accounting! See you in the result day on accessbi ;)

Friday, January 27, 2012

WhiteBox Bsitro&Deli

yahooo, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE, for every blogger who celebrates it n_n
here's the time of the new post, which is about WhiteBox.

Yeah from the name, we can conclude that the cafe itself is a square look cafe (like a box) and it is in white color. It is not hard to be found, because the whole concept is in white color ;).
so hereby I present, and specially dedicated this to my friend, as well as the owner, Mr Jetro Effendy :D
* lebay gak jet? hahaha*

 Mr. Jetro Effendy, my old friend, my advisor, my gossip friend, as well as the owner of WhiteBox!
 wall of fame, the celebrities signatures who came to the restaurant
 my full-time best friend, my partner-in-crime, C.K wakakaka. (yongbes pake initial)
 I Love the WhiteBox logo, with a pan :D
 i don't know why I love this ornament! looks like a grocery trolley

 complimentary from Mr.Owner hahaha. He insisted us to try this Mushroom Soup and it's DELICIOUS

 Tuna Chili Spaghetti (Chef's Recommendation). His (jetro) mother owns the recipe
 Sop Buntut. (His mother's recipe)
Baked Macaroni. This is yummy for cheese lover, but highly recommended when you share it with friends cause it turns out to be too creamy if you eat it all
Durian Mousse Cake ! the best dessert ever. As i am a durian lover, this is definitely my fav. i have been craving this cake for so long (He gave me this during the opening of his cafe) and I have kept on wanting this cake ever since then. Definitely a must order cake after your meal.

Me with Jettie :3, the man behind all the white. hahaha

Yesterday, it was my first time that I could see any cafe or restaurant's kitchen. :D and I asked his permission whether I can see it or not. He showed us the kitchen and introduced us to the chef.

The place is good for any youngster and teens to hang out during the weekends ;)
We were in the VIP room yesterday and the three of us really had a very good time. Hang out, chit-chat, and it was like the first time we knew each other

I know this is quite a long post, and I am going to end soon
This is a must try place if you want to eat something fancy and western with affordable price

Location: WhiteBox, Menteng, beside Hotel F1
Rate: 8/10

the man behind all the white

This is a quick sneak peek for the post ! yeah, I am still on my exam weeks (yeah noted ! it's weeks not week). Well, this post is not about this guy! hahahaha, just kidding Jet! (if you read this). This is my buddy as well as the owner of the cafe that am going to post, perhaps tonite or tomorrow

Stay tune ya ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

aunthentic Indonesian food

another post from Ninety-Nine will be reviewed in the next post. 

*hint* something something with Cabe Hijau.
definitely the real and authentic Indonesian Food.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Korea Trip Part 1

TGIF bloggers. I have been spending my friday evening with my super best friends and been doing lots of shopping for Chinese New Year. hahaha. just couldn't wait for that day !

as i have said in the previous post before, I will review some Korean Food that I have eaten during my journey last winter. Well, dont ask me about the restaurant or the food, cause it was all written in Korean Language. lols

1. Bimbimbab rice yummyy :3
2. Udon ! delicious. how i love the soup (my first breakfast in Korea)
 taken from my bus' window view. snowy along the road !
 with the whole family. that was me in blue coat.
 with mom
this portion is for 4 PEOPLE! none of the four could finish it up ! too much.

there are tons of pictures for my first day in Korea, but I have selected the ones that are the best hahahaha
wait for another Korea Trip in second part and of course with full of food and fashion ;)

*how i miss Korea, very much*

I was wearing:

Balenciaga bag
Mantaray winter boots
Stradivarius Jeans
Zara Gloves
Zara Blue Coat
Zara scarf
Red Herring black ear-cap

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

anyong haseo n_n

HAIII bloggers. how are you? currently, i am doing on my assignments, gosh, THEY are damn HECTIC
many things to do, lesser time are given. hahaha
so i am now on my 5 minutes break, so this is a quick post 

Location? hmm definitely not in Indonesia. That picture was taken from my winter holidays 2011 to Korea
*haven't i told you before?*
so, the next post is gonna be Korean food and my trip out there

this is short, yes short, sooo. see you in the next post :*
kamsa hamidaaaaa 

Kitty's Corner

Kitty's Corner, a brand new cafe located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. From the previous post, we can see the whole concept is all about Hello Kitty for sure. The owner of Kitty's Corner is my best friend's mother and her as well. i went there to try her new cafe and it turned out pretty amazing.. many Hello Kitty merchandises are sold there (especially for any HK big fans, it is a place that you really have to stop by!)

 these pinky chairs are damn cute !!!
 Hello Kitty merchandises

the utensils used for cooking are also from Hello Kitty stuffs :). gorgeous

 the best butter cookies !!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (available in chocolate flavor)
 love the chandelier besides the paintings.

 Homemade fried rice. this is my favorite one :) the food was set exactly like HK face.
 roasted bread with choco and cheese.
with my best friend as well as the owner of Kitty's Corner, Vinnie Tandorra (in the middle with glasses) and a future fashion designer and my bffs too :*(pinky shirt), jeanice ang

recently, Kitty's Corner has served many new menus, including fried kwetiaw, and many desserts such as panna cota, molten cake, etc. 
The unique thing about this cafe is, you can see the Chef's cooking :3 

For any Hello Kitty lovers, you can visit the merchandise store exactly on the same place, but it is in the first floor while the cafe is on the second floor.
Don't forget to buy the Hello Kitty butter cookies, cause it tastes very goodddddd ! *u won't regret it*

Location: Ruko Metro Broadway, Pantai Indah Kapuk (exactly besides Happy Puppy Karaoke and KFC)