Friday, August 26, 2011

din tai fung

dim sum has ever been every chinese people's favorite, and you can have dim sums every morning in any chinese restaurants downtown.

many of you have ever heard about Din Tai Fung, haven't you? well, from the name, we could conclude that it is a chinese restaurant (typical typical) :) .. Din Tai Fung is probably one of my fav chinese restaurant (you can find these kind of restaurants a lot in Jakarta) and it is Halal, so the Muslims are able to eat here as well. (the resto I am talking about is in the Gedung Arcadia, Senayan, as there are many Din's resto in Jakarta) so here we gooooo .... 

 fried crispy bun filled with black sesame. goshh, this is heavenly delicious. highly recommended for desserts or starters 

 mango pudding. 
 the centre of attraction of this bun is the melted salted egg sauce inside. the more gooey it is, the better it is.

 chicken dumplings ! the best !!
 forgot the real name, i guess: mango crispy chicken, i dont really like it anyway
 spicy wantan. aaaa... i totally love it :D love the spicy-ness and also it is best served while hot.

 chicken and prawn siew-may, damn, i could eat the whole basket aloneeee ^^

japanese tofu with beef floss. i dont really like this, but i love the beef floss :D

 i couldnt resist everytime my dad brings me to any chinese resto, cause i love chinese foods ! especially with something fried, crispy, and salty

this place is actually a good one to be spent with your family for any Sunday's family occasion :)

no specific codes for this resto here, just dress up casually 

Location: Din Tai Fung, Gedung Arcadia, Senayan (nearby Plaza Senayan)
Rate: 8.5/10

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