Sunday, June 3, 2012

TOKYO Night Out !

Hello, it's June, it's summer, and it's coming into holiday seasons. (I STILL HAVE FINALS 2 weeks later). Been occupied with many assignments, chores, and ended up on bed for the weekends, I have been very very very sick for the past one week :(

Traffics, hot weather in Indonesia, have become a 'chaos' for my physical conditions, definitely needs a getaway SOON! hehehe. Today's post would be about one fine day that I have spent in Tokyo. WHAT? Tokyo? Yes, to be exact TOKIO STATION.

love the cashier!

onigiri with grilled salmon. I love this one !

My CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL has arrived! yeayyy ~ waiting for 2 months and this is it. :)
can't wait to wear it soon.

Well, to be honest, I was not exactly in Japan, but in a place called TOKIO STATION.
It is located in Central Park and the place is like a Japanese foodcourt with many types of Japanese food  and snacks.

Location: TOKIO STATION, Central Park
Rate: 7/10 (for all the food I tried)


  1. Omigod your cambridge really cute and nice hahah.

  2. Thanks, it will be perfect for my summer :)