Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cake of The Month

HOLIDAY. yes, it is already the end of June, and it is now the time to post about Cake of the Month by foodcouture. My exams are finally over, and now I can spend my summer breaks with friends, and doing other activities, well I still have summer course of course, to speed up my studies, but it only takes every Thursday and Friday for the whole 2 months.

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Today's cake of the month goes to one of my fav restaurant in Jakarta, Kitchennete, and how I love its specialty in making crepes. Crepes have become everyone's favorite, from children to adults, and all of them love the texture of it. I love Kitchenete's crepes is because it has thin and soft texture, and makes it easier for me to eat it, and also, the combination with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream are perfect.
This portion can be shared up to 2 or 3 persons max. 

Don't forget to keep on following my Cake of the Month series by just clicking the labels under the same title. See you on the next post and have a great holiday everyone :*

instagram: foodcouture

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  1. asik cis.nice post deh cis.don't forget to check my latest post jg ya cis. HAHAH