Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet tongue

ICE CREAM. it has become one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" moments to eat ice cream when it is scorching hot. YES! Summer is here ! yay ~ it means that all of my friends are coming back for vacations. I have been receiving lots of souvenirs from one of my friends, as she brought me home lots and lots of butter fingers. (I will upload the photo).
Due to the "support" from the hot weather, I have been eating ice-cream quite frequently. haha, I definitely need a 50-times sit up after eating them.
I am so glad that my fellows are coming back one by one, it's been forever that i haven't seen them in a whileeeeee.....

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A stack of waffles with 6 scoops of my favorite ice cream flavors from Haagen-Dazs

coco ketan cooler. One of my best fav from Haagen-Dazs ! definitely worth to try even tho' it is kinda pricey!
 my yellow cambridge satchel. definitely my summer-statement bag for the rest of the month ;)
a candid pic of me, taken by my friend. I was wearing the latest edition of Cloth-inc for my outfit of the day (you can simply shop HERE) as my one of my best friends is the owner of cloth-inc, I can simply choose any clothes that I want to have and try it in prior (some online shops do not give any return if you dislike the clothes). Sometimes, she will give a quick notice and sneak peek of the new upcoming edition, and I always feel satisfied with her service and clothes as well.

instagram: foodcouture

Seriously, nobody can beat my love for this butter finger! Everyone seems to love desserts and cakes and ice creams, I do too. However, when it comes to the best snack, butterfinger is one of my top lists! Thank you to my friend who has brought this home far away from USA, love you :*

This summer is different that any summer before, because so many things have taught me and I always learn something new. The lessons that I receive really change me a lot to become more responsible and matured in taking any decisions. I am somehow happy with my life now and I hope it will last longer.

Enjoy your summer vacation and happy holidays!

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