Monday, June 4, 2012

out sick :(

SICK. I have been very ill for the past few weeks. My body is aching and my mind is full of ASS-ignments. Groan, I am so totally bed-illed, and yet tons of work have to be finished.
Yes, I still can blog now, with my macbook on my lap, and covering me with blankets.

I really need a getaway, of all those hard works I have done. Perhaps, a quick vacation to Singapore, shop all day long, and no works to do. Yet, I could not eat a single thing, but it's good, as I could reduce weight. HAHAHA. still ... I hate being sick.

Sorry, could not fulfill the promise to post about port er house, once I am recovered, I will do it right away. SIGH... I write nonsense in here, where as I am tucking into my bed to get some rest for tomorrow's long classes. Oh yeah, this medicine is 'killing' me, I feel sleepy all day long that I have to postpone my projects.

See you and wish all my works are finished in two days time.

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