Sunday, May 6, 2012


Happy Veesak Day for those who celebrate it ;)Yes, I am having my freedom now ! Exams are over, even tho I might not be confident with one or two subjects, they are damn HARD !

Well, I have some requests to review Union, due to the review of red velvet in Union for the "cake of the month" (HERE). So, here it is ...

potato wedges! yummy. my favorite appetizers from Union :D
hmm. maybe I am one of those big fans of fried rice with half-cooked sunny side up. I love the satay from the fried rice in Union but not the rice itself. Still prefer other menus rather than the fried rice.
Something spaghetti with pork something. Hmm.. As I don't like pork, I won't eat the meat of course. But i like the texture of the spaghetti. yummy.
Chicken Noodle (Mie Ayam!) Yes, mie ayammmmm, with foie grass. Totally in love with this mie ayammm. But for this kind of noodle (which can be found in markets or other restaurants, the price is very high u_u). Definitely will come back here again for the mie ayam
Note: I always throw up the foie grass, I don't like it, and never want to eat it. due to high cholesterol and fats.
red velvet cake !!!! (Rp 50.000) for this one slice of red velvie. really worth the price and can be shared with others as well ;) If you guys still remember, I featured this red velvet for the cake of month in April (HERE).

Union is located in Plaza Senayan, Sogo Area, exactly placed beside Starbucks. Ermmmm, to be honest, the service in here is very bad but it can be concluded as it is very crowded not only during weekdays, but also weekends. Walk-in and reservations are the only ways if you want to try Union and they will give us limitation of times for the seating period. After all, it is a nice place to hang out and try out the red velvet and other cakes as well. ( I tried its doughnout and chocolate cake, and they never fail me once )

Location: Plaza Senayan, Sogo
Rate: 8/10

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