Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy International Mother's Day!

Dedicated this post specially to my mother, who has become my best mother as well as best friends that always take a good care of me while I am on the 'children world'.

Thank you mom, despite all the fights and arguments that we always have, I know deep inside that u do that to make become a strong woman, just like what you are.

IF these pictures could explain lots of things about your personality, then i just want to say
that YOU ARE:

 a good hugger

 a self-narcisstic mother.

 NOT desperately loner.

 NEVER good at skiing, 

 NOR making kimchi.

BUT... on top of all, you are the one who always gives me the warm hug. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mother
Every mom in the world.

You have always been my perfect-est gift that Father has always given.


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