Thursday, April 5, 2012

cake of the month

Red velvet cake from Union

I have chosen red velvet cake as the cake of the month because of its huge demand in every cake factory or restaurants. Its popularity has increased as many people are wanting this cake as the desert.
I have tried some velvets from some restaurants and they have never failed me at all, esp this velvet from Union :D
The secret to every red velvet cake is the icing itself. the combination of cheese cream, sugar, and fresh cream must have the exact ratio to pour out the essence that completes the cake.

If the cream cheese is too sweet or too tasteless, it actually depends on the taster himself, because every person has different level of taste that he likes.

By the way, this is a quick post before heading up to Church. Yes, it's White Thursday today, and I just want to share a quick post for my readers.

Adios !

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