Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring/Summer Wishlist

SPRING/SUMMER. summer is on its way, and cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere. Loving the kind of scent that comes from this spring, even tho we don't have it here in Jakarta. However, I can see all the happiness that bloom during this season. The weather is kinda lovely nowadays, with the heavy rain coming down, but eliminates the traffic that is going on (one of Jakarta's regular routines during rainy days).
Today's post is about the wishlist that I have set up for this upcoming May. there are many lists that I still have wanted for such a long time. But I don't want to be spoiled with all those things unless if I really want it, I would either buy it on my own or ask my father's kindness. Well, I am NOT a spoiled brat afterall.

1. lovely prada red tote

2. tory burch blue cuff bracelet

3. balenciaga triple tour bracelet

4. Toywatch collections. 

So these are the wishlists that I have really wanted. Well I know it is too many, but I hope that I could get one of these soon ^^ (have to save and earn more money of course). 
If I were to ask to choose one of these, that would be a hard core decision. 

I guess that's all that I could share for a while, and the next post is gonna be about Negev restaurant (photos are on progress).
Click HERE for the sneak peek. 

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