Saturday, April 28, 2012

new statement bag

alright, this time is going to be a bag post! well, i am myself, a true lover of many designer bags, those include, chanel, balenciaga, LV, prada, etc. However, it is hard for me to have the right bag that I can use for daily or campus. FINALLY! i have finally found the one (hmm, it sounds like the title of one romantic song). the new statement bag is THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL. yes, I ordered it from my friend and it's been almost a month. really couldn't wait for it.
so, this is so called the BATCHEL type in yellow. I am not a fan of yellow, but I found out that this color could help me to mix and match, and also do some color blocking. Definitely a must have color for all seasons. this one is 15" in size, i am afraid that the bag is gonna be too big, but i have lots of stuff to put in, so i guess this is pretty reasonable to be carried around.

found this picture from miss Carolina Engman, from fashion squad, and actually the fluo color looks pretty good on her, i don't know why. haha. but it seems that the color is "born" to be hers. love ur style lady ;)

However, it seems there are some delays in the shipping process. it takes quite a long time, a month or more to arrive here :( I can't wait for it to come T_T

Cambridge Satchel comes in very handy and stylish. it has so many colors that fascinates me, like the green one. Gosh, I was very confused of choosing whether it is gonna be a green or yellow.

and my choice fell on the yellow one ... but this green really impresses me T_T and it's really a hard thing to choose. the bag itself is very English, just like the kind of school bag that English girls use in many English movies, and that's make more interested of buying it ;)
The bag has many types, such as Classic, Designer Bag, Batchel, Music Bag, etc and the colors do vary too! They have so many good attractive colors that will give u hard decision to pick one
however if you don't like any bright color, this is a nice Designer Bag Batchel type that comes in 15"
love the combination of black and chocolate, and will suit in any casual clothes.

well this is my current interest so far for an affordable bag and yet, i hope that mine is going to arrive soon!

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