Saturday, April 28, 2012

BlueGrass Bar&Grill

mina san, genki desu ka? haha, hmm don't understand the language? well, it is actually in Nihon-go desu (it's Japanese). on the first sentence, it says "Hai guys, how are you?". don't get me wrong, i am not a Japanese nor Japan lover, but I used to study this language to further up my language knowledge, instead of being able to speak Indonesian, English, and Mandarin only. my parents want me to speak multi-language so it eases me to communicate with others ;)

alright, now it is going to be a food post, yay ! haha. without further delay, let's see these photos taken when I tried BlueGrass for the first time. 

 grrrr.. the prawn is so tempting!

 the phenomenal rainbow cake.. quite yummy, but still loving red velvet more!

left to right: cindy kiman (black), kathleen lie (black in middle), myself (white)

frankly speaking, I don't really like the place, it is too crowded and less capacity. the service is not so good and the waiters are not that efficient. the food is ok but there are still many resto of the same kind having better menus. luckily the drinks helped out ;)

Dresscode: wear something semi-formal, such as dress, skirts, and no slippers allowed 

Location: BlueGrass Bar&Grill, Epicentrum, Kuningan
Rate: 7/10

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