Monday, April 2, 2012

Elvira's Recipe The Joy of Baking: Choco coated brownie cupcakes

holla! spring has come! it's april, the month of warmness and colorful!
in my country (Indonesia), there is either Rainy day or Hot Sunny day. There are no other seasons like Winter, autumn, or spring. Mostly are summer in here, with a little drop of rain sometimes.
Ok. stop talking about the season thing, lets jump to our topic.

So yeah, besides becoming a part-time blogger, part time students, I also put my passions on BAKING. One day, I wanna be like those master chefs have done, working at the back field, which is the kitchen. with so many modern utensils and tools, and cool ovens and multifunctions mixer. WOW, I have been dreaming of that ever since I started baking for the first time, and now I am wishing I can and i want to!

So, this is the mixing part of the ingredients. I can't spill out the recipe but I can guide you how to make it :) loving all the chocolate mixture, it is sooooo goey and looks yummy.
Common ingredients will be: eggs, flour, cocoa powder, margarine, sugar, and homemade chocolate bar.

empty paper cup. this is the place where the fillings are being put. Don't forget to heat up your oven in this process to reach the maximum level of crispiness in every baking.
remember, it must be in a good room temperature.

when all the cups are half-full filled. don't fill it too full, cause the dough will rise up. can't wait for it to be ready.

25 minutes later...

taraaaaa... Choco coated brownie cupcakes are ready to be served !!!! can't wait to try it. wait, when the time is up, do not open the oven too soon. wait for at least 5 mins, to cool it down.

ready to be served with a cup of tea or coffee... you can decorate it with putting whipped cream on top, but i guess it would be too sweet cause the choco itself has given a perfect combination of sweet and bitter and also crispiness.

There are other recipes that I have tried, such as Pandan chiffon cake, chocolate butter cookies, kue kukus, vanilla cupcakes with icing, and many more

Btw, you can order this choco brownies cupcakes via email ;)
* (but I will mostly use and check this email daily)

or you can just simply click the comment button and comment below for ordering
opps... don't forget to attach your information and ways of payment (currently, only open for delivery in Muara Karang, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pluit, and Pantai Mutiara, and also Binus International University for my fellow friends who study there)

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