Monday, April 16, 2012

Bistro baron

hey bloggies, how are your days? Sorry for the lack of updates, for the whole week. I have been keeping myself to do other stuffs, well not exactly studying, but doing house chores. one of my maids has gone to her homie as she's getting married. well, congrats to her, but not to me. And now, I am currently 'replacing' her to do the chores. Woke up at 5, literally at 5.30, and tidy up the whole house, rooms, and then goes to campus. Pheww. that was very hectic. So guess, how many maids do I have right now? hmm, one is left, but now becomes two (that's insanely includes myself -_-)

by the way, I have received a good feedback from one of my lecturer as he happened to follow up my blogs. haha.. I know it's actually not really a big deal, but I have never told him before that I have a blog. The good thing is he knows it on his own without me 'promoting' it. Thank you sir, for the complements and the praises, and keeps on reading mine :D

So, last week, it happened that i could have some spare time with my ladies, to have a late lunch together at Bistro Baron in Plaza Indonesia, and did some shopping spree... 

french baquette. a nice complement from bistro baron that includes 6 slices of french bread.
fresh salad. the best salad i have ever tasted! remember? that I dislike salad. but this one is really worth to try! amazingly, i love it and definitely will come back here again.
btw, for any busy women n men, eating a plate of salad a day will enrich your body immune and stay healthy. for any disliker, like myself, try to love salad cause i realize that it is rich in vitamins and fibres.

my favorite drink! can any of you guess? yes! it's lychee tea. worth the price ;)

typical ice lemon tea.
something new on the drink list. it is a guava juice with mint n something. the unique thing is, the more you stir, the greener it would look like. As you can see there is liquid green at the bottom.
don't really like it :S it tastes like a toothpaste. haha

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