Friday, March 30, 2012


Gosh, the weather is scorching back and forth for these few days. I have been missing my classes for 1 week, not because it was holiday, but I 'holiday-ed' myself. BIG LOL :p
Reason behind that is because there was a huge chaos nearby my university, due to the rapid increase on the gasolines. Well, the mass is looking forward for a decrease or remaining the same for the price of it.
Kinda scary huh? well, don't wanna talk about it for too much!

Today's restaurant that has the chance to be reviewed is Monologue. hmm. some of u might not be too familiar with this resto, perhaps, as it is located at the Parking Lot at Plaza Senayan. O;

First of all, so sorry that the pictures taken didn't reach the maximum level of brightness. forgot to bring my DSLR on that day T_T

chicken confeitte

beef brisket (tastes almost like Rendang)

this black burger does not exist! I edited it to give some kind of unique desire and fascination
below, is the real chicken burger. loving the wedgie!

here comes the desert! this is monologue breakfast menu for Fruit French Toast. loving the fruits, but not really like the toast itself. it's too soft and too egg-y. 

i forgot this danish's name. either egg danish, cheese danish, or cream puff danish

finally, our Fresh Milk! this cup of fresh milk is kinda PRICE-Y! around Rp. 25k / cup. well, my best advice is, you can make this your own in house. click for the previous post to know how to do it ;)

Monologue is opened specially for breakfast. however, you may have your dinner or lunch menu during the breakfast time. they have various menus to be served. the place is not that comfy, because it is located in the basement ( note: parking lot) and deliberately very hot for me. the seats and tables are not organized very neatly that makes the place looks kinda small.

Well, it is a good place to have breakfast or having not-too-long meals with friends after works/classes.

Location: Monologue, Plaza Senayan parking lot
Rate: 7/10

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