Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tangerine shine

Holla, greetings from my personal corner of my room. Looking at the window aisle and sitting beside it, and look at those gloomy grey skies remind me of any sunny days hahaha.
well, loving this kind of weather, especially when you are alone at home, and doing nothing but just slacking and snugging in your blanket (for my current condition, i am sitting at my balcony)

here are some old photos, like few months ago, during rainy days but i managed to combined it with colorful accesories :)

Elvira for Michael Kors. yay ! loving this daily-statement bag, that can be used for both campus as well as weekend bag! loving the chains and padlock which are MK's signatures and suit up for the perfect tangerine color.
combined with Rubi Yellow shoes. :) and also Toywatch transparent watch ( kinda invisible in these picts )

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