Sunday, March 25, 2012


Bonjour blogger! How was your long weekend? Spent anytime overseas or just hanging around Jakarta areas? Well, I was avoiding any public places this week, due to its crowded-ness (but, went to Empo mall for having dinner few hours ago haha *cliche*).
Today is a special day, for my friend, Thomas Mensink, from Netherlands. Happy birthday blonde boy! Hope you have a blast :* kusjee.

This short post is about Marche, that I visited few months ago or I think last year, but just have the time to post it now. 

I love the pizza ! the cheese really blends in every bite ;) a perfect starter.

like this roasted chicken. not too much and not too fattening as well.

Sorry for the lack of posts these few moments, still having my studies and mid-exam is indeed around the corner.. perhaps, I will post something new after my mid, :)

This is really a short post, but hope you guys enjoy it.

have a few tips for this week:
" drink lots of water, cause the weather seems so peculiar nowadays! sometimes hot, sometimes rainy "

Location: Marche, Plaza Senayan (they have other outlets as well, in Grand Indonesia)
Rate: rating is vary, but for both dishes are 7.5/10

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