Thursday, March 8, 2012

At the backyard beach

First of all I wanna say, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY. I specially dedicated this day to respect all the women, especially mothers who have been our QUEENS and PROTECTORS on the first second of our life.

As promised (before), I am going to post about something beach-y (umm, don't pronounce it wrongly).
piles of assignments are "patiently" waiting for me to do them, which in fact, i am not in the mood of doing any of them. So, without further delay, let's start with our beach-y post!

Oh before that ! I wanna thank you my buddy, Bryan Andrean Putra, from coffeecreamandthecaffeine blogger, for helping me out of snapping every picts and bits. Eventually, he used his camera and borrowed my memory card, so all these picts are credit for him ;)

Photographer as well as my buddy.. thanks for all the shors ;)

calamari rings
cheese fondue wedges (highly recommended)

Mie Gele

Fried Sakaw Noodle (recommended)

the whole buddies :)

hmm. i know this is kinda a weird pose. haha, but don't get me wrong, i am not the spokeperson for canon, nor a promoter. but ... i love canon the best :) for every outdoor, indoor, and macro angle.

I invited my campus friends to Dermaga Cafe, in Pantai Mutiara, to celebrate my second birthday party bash. it is actually a simple gathering but it was really meaningful for me. :) 
I love the scenery here, with all the view of beach and private yachts of the houses' owners around there, and the place is indeed very beautiful... 
You dont need to dress up any fancy clothes, just take yourself as if you are eating at seaside ...
It is kinda packed of in the weekends, especially dinner time, and don't forget to try its special menu, MIE SAKAW, which is highly recommended !! 

I was wearing:

Unbranded shirts in beige
Pull n Bear Short pants
Toywatch watch
Salvatore Double Tour Bracelet
Salvatore Varina Flats in Mint

Location: Dermaga Cafe, Pantai Mutiara
Rate: 8.5/10

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