Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My personal bites.

Lately I have been forcing myself to stay up late at night. Mostly, I could only sleep for 3 to 4 hours max every night and been doing my assignments most of my day. Well, not most of the time perhaps, but due to lots of slacking around, I have been wasting so much time. HAHA.
so this is going to be a super duper quick post about my favorite drinks and snacks that keep me accompanying with my busy days

this is how I look during the weekends. YES! I need some fresh up moments and I want to look good during my happy moments that I have spent with my friends.

Ice lychee tea! never fails me once nor twice! I mostly order ice lychee tea in any restaurants due to its unique flavor, sweet and bitter, which is really a good combination. I always love the chunks of lychees on the drink every I order it. It is really a nice drink to have during your hectic time.

 Sweet little fellow, macaroon! love the crunchy soft thing that is served from every bite!

ice cream! soft white icy, this has always been my best friend ever since i was young. Yeah, ice cream never fails me in my time and it is a good dessert after heavy meals.

cheese wedges. loving this kind of appetizer! cheesy, salty, and yummy. this is a good starter before your meal and it is better if you share it with others. :)

Well, guys I have to stop here ! and continue with my personal task. Hope this meal doesn't drool you on your laptop or computer or any of your gadgets.

See you guys soon and best of luck for my assignments :)

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  1. you have always looked good in every post dear!
    love your dinner outfit,isn't it?