Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mad For Garlic ?

 " Mad for Garlic presents more than 40 kinds of Garlic based menus and a wide selection of premium wines "

for any garlic-holic, you might probably have known about this restaurant. YES, its specialty is on any Garlic menus, especially the Garlic fried rice ( i forgot the official title for that menu) and it tastes so GARLIC. sorry for kept on repeating that GARLIC words.

I ain't the ambassador for this brand ! haha. that was me holding the menu pamphlet.
i know i looked quite chubby out there (taken fewwwww months ago) but now already lose some weights! yay

 Garlic salads! love the garlic and dried chilis. but say no to the salad.
 risotto. oh well, i am not a risotto lover. but this is pretty acceptable for my tongue

 garlic fried rice mentioned above. my fave!! but this is damnnnn super damn damnn damn expensive. the taste.. errrr kinda of worth the price, but u spend 100k for fried rice? put your hands up dear!

 pizzaaaaa. all types of pizza have never failed me. this includes my list.
idk the name, but if i am not mistaken, it's a bolognese spaghetti. (contains pork)

MFG,  for short, has a nice place for its customers to have dinners or lunches. however, in my opinion, they should reduce a little bit of their prices, cause everything inside is so price-y.
but, for those who love garlics, u better try this anti-vampire dishessss. hahaa * so lucky that i am human, not a vampire *  well you get what I mean right? oh you don't? oh okey. haha.

didn't try its wine, cause i am not the type who drinks, so mineral water or lychee ice tea will always be on my order list.

P.S: bring some cash or credit cards sometimes they may give u some promos on the card

Location: Mad For Garlic, Grand Indonesia.
Rate: 7/10

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