Monday, November 5, 2012

foodcouture goes to bali (part 1)

Having a short trip to Bali was really like going to heaven in a blink of eye. Yes, it was short, very short period. The intention of going there was not to enjoy playing the water sports nor swimming, but to try new places that are not available in jakarta.

I was really surprised (or amazed is the right word, perhaps?) with the enlarging numbers of many new hype places in Bali, let's name some such as Rock Bar, Karma Kandara, El Kabron, etc. Those places are really very beautiful and yet the beaches are very clean and you really feel like in paradise.

For our first stop, it is Nasi Pedes Ibu Andika. For any spicy-food lovers, this a must stop-by place to go!!! Don't ask me about the spicy level, it can drive u mad haha

 Food selection  ... Very eye-catchy AND mouth-watering right?

 my food. consists of fried noodles, balinese spiced chicken, chicken floss, and quail eggs.

this was me on my way to turtle island.
PLEASE NOTE that: yes, I was still very fair at that moment, yet the next few hours I was burned as the weather was really pretty hot. My choice of bringing my yellow cambridge satchel was really a good decision, to bright up my outfit-of-the day for that looks. :)

Next stop: Karma Kandara --> sophisticated, glamorous and exotic place that should be put on the A-list. The beach is really unordinary! Clean, with blue-greenish water surface and you can see it from the restaurant.

 my drink! passion fruit with mango syrup and something haha. very refreshing, soothing, and quench your thirst. Accompanied by my sunglasses by Christian Dior.

I was wearing:

Giordano black top
Balenciaga Bracelet
Toywatch watch
Cotton on pants
Havaianas sandal
Cambridge satchel in yellow batchel
Christian Dior sunglasses
Tea labels for ClotchInc pearl necklaces.

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