Monday, November 5, 2012


For more than a year, I have been writing about food and fashion posts on this blog.
I feel glad that many people have recognized myself and of course my blog, and they are very happy of reading it. 

Once, i have received a mail that they asked me about some new places to celebrate birthdays, or anniversaries and stuffs. i am glad that they listened to my recommendations and they were pretty satisfied. I never thought that my blog could be this well-known to certain people this far.

At first, I didn't really know what to write, what to do, or what to talk about. I kept on trying and trying to blabber all the words that suddenly came up in my mind and voila until now, I am getting used to this. 

So, this post are just a gratitude to the readers of food-couture and I hope that you will stick to my new posts abut food and fashion.

so these are some of the supports that I received from my formspring account and I realize that there are people out there who always support me for what I wrote.

I may not be that efficient to blog daily as I need time for my works, university life, assignments, and studies. But I will try my best to at least update it once a week.

Thank you *big hugs*

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