Wednesday, December 5, 2012


DECEMBER. "You better watch out, you better not cry, I'm telling you why? Santa Claus is coming to town". Have you already heard this jingle right now? Yes, Christmas is coming soon, and all those jingles are ringing in my ears, from the Michael Buble version, till the Justin Bieber's Christmas Edition. December is really the month of jolly. Presents, gifts, snow ornaments, and even the santa claus costumes are being shown off in any store displays. 

having a good start of the month of December, I just went to a culinary trip with my friends. Since I have class in Binus International featuring FX Sudirman version, the building itself is definitely 'packed' with food stands, restaurants, and even hang-out places. Therefore, there is this new kopitiam (Singaporean hawker centre) just recently opened in FX, not more than a month perhaps, I summoned my 2 friends to make a try. Actually, this is not something new for me, as I used to live in Singapore before, I am pretty familiar with many kopitiams out there spreading off the road of Singapore.

So, before my class started, I had a pretty satisfying lunch with my friends, and let's take a look at those food that I tried. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I didn't bring my camera around, so I use my iPhone to document every angle. 

Kwetiaw Kangkung Sambal Terasi - Rp 28.000 / a unique combination of wet kwetiaw with sambal terasi soup and completed with kangkung that makes the taste more like indonesian. Seafood is added to give further sensation and surprisingly the taste is quite good. Well, it is not literally my favorite food out here, but, you can just give a try for any terasi lovers ;)

 Kwetiaw Sapi (Beef Kwetiaw) - Rp28.000 / When i first looked at the menu list, I was thinking that this must be the usual fried beef kwetiaw. However, when the waiter opened the claypot and I saw the rumbling hot boiled kwetiaw soup, I was wondering, this was not like we expected. My friend made the first try, and he said that it tastes good. I gave a try and I am pretty sure he was not lying that time. yes, the taste just like the usual fried beef kwetiaw, but with the additional of black soy soup. For me, it is quite acceptable and the portion was actually bigger than it looks.

Chicken Fried Rice / typical fried rice with chicken meatballs. I love the execution, it looks mouth-watering and I have never eaten a bowl of fried rice in a traditional claypot version. This is something "new" and the taste is actually so 'home-made'. it reminds me of my mom's fried rice, quite have a closer taste and actually I am kind of liking this menu. They should add a half-fried sunny side up egg to complement the total presentation and also the taste. 

 Kaya and Butter Toast - Rp15.000 / 4 thinly sliced of kaya and butter bread toast. I like the thought of it being sliced very thin, because it has just the right portion for sharing within 2 to 3 people. To make it better, they should add more kaya spread while it is hot to 'marinate' the toast deeply.

Nutella Toast - Rp15.000 / Being a vivid fan of nutella, i could just take a spoon and eat nutella like I am eating rice. Yes, I love this nutella jam, and normally I eat it with biscuits, bread, or even ice cream, as toppings. these 3 pieces of thick nutella bread did not satisfy me pretty much. I could make a better toast with more variation of presenting it. Actually, this one is kinda good, but I can make it more delicious at home. They should just thinly slice the bread, and then make it as a french toast style, and they should make a nutella jam more creative, for example with caramel crumble fillings.

QQ Kopitiam is a nice place for some teens to hang around, especially us, the Binus International students, who need a comfortable place to do assignments and projects. However, it should improve more on certain menus. the food is not that bad actually, but every person has different tasting perspective. :)

Location: QQ Kopitiam - FX Sudirman, 1st floor
Rate: 6.5/10


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