Monday, October 29, 2012

Cake of the month: Apple Crumble @pad28

the weather has been kind of strange lately. for a moment it can be pouring rain, at a glance, it stops and scorching hot. It is pretty unusual for now that It is seldom to rain as it is almost the end of the year. 
being a university student, I found it hard to maintain my energy. During my break time, I really need something to eat to boost my mood and energy. Ice cream and desserts have been occupying my "dietary" level for this few weeks and this one has become one of my favorite.

Pad28 apple crumble pie. Completed with vanilla ice cream, pecans peanuts, and caramel tuile.

Apple pie is one of my fav dessert, especially when it is filled with ice cream and tuiles. I love it when the crumbles are sweet and yet crunchy. Pad28's apple pie is quite satisfying and that's why I chose it as our cake of the month. 

For the next post, I am going to review about the food trip that I have in Bali. In particular, I feel so tired nowadays, and sorry for the lack of post for this month.
I am going to recover about it in our next review :)

So, stay tune with foodcouture ;)

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