Friday, November 30, 2012

Cake of the month: Bali's Bakery

having a pretty tight schedule of mid term exams, I definitely have no time for social networking which includes blogging. Hence, I have finished my exams right now and actually, time flies, it's the end of the month already. November has really been quite an interesting month for me. Many things have happened in this month, many encounters with new people, and I am enjoying pretty much knowing the world.

For most of you who have been following my previous posts, you know that I went to Bali for a short vacation. Yes, I have a quick getaway with my fellow friends and I pretty much enjoyed the trip with them. So, I went to this bakery in bali, which is so called the Bali's Bakery. As I am going to review about the cake-of-the-month post, I couldn't talk much about the bakery itself. However, I am gonna make a special review about it, and the place is very hype in Bali. For me, this bakery is actually one of the BEST bakery that sells the BEST of the BEST bread, cakes, etc among all of the bakeries that I have ever tried before.


this one is my favorite ! Shocking filling inside, which is chewy marshmallow topped with milk chocolate in crunchy texture. You may never know how complicated the taste it but surprisingly, it tastes good, like very very very delicious!

In personal, I am not really the sweet-tooth type of woman. yes i do love chocolates, sweets, candies, marshmallow, but I am not that big fan of the sweetest thing on earth. I can eat them, but not as much as normal people would do. I prefer savoury and spice food over the sweet ones. 

Bali's Bakery is indeed a nice place to hang out with your friends. The place is cozy, comfortable, and also very childhood-flashback like. 
I am going to review about this place soon, so stay tune with food couture

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