Thursday, November 8, 2012

foodcouture goes to Bali (part 2)

Have you ever heard about the childhood movies called The Ugly Duckling? perhaps, most of us have heard it before. it is a story about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan. During its 'youth' time, it was mocked by others because it was different than other ducks. However, physical appearance and personality should not be judged similarly, as they are different in one another.

Bali is famous for its Bebek Bengil (the dirty duck diner) restaurant. From the name, we should have realized that its main menu is the duck, but it is not dirty. It was said that the location was actually used to be full of ducks, around the field area. Inspired by the supporting situation (of so many ducks around), so the owner created this traditional restaurant that serves duck as its own specialty.

 Fried Dirty Duck.
 Bebek Bengil Sambal ijo. I love the chili spice.

 The fact is, I dislike eating duck. So, I ordered this BBQ Chicken Breast with fried fries instead. Everytime I go here, this is what i always order. I like the spice and the chicken breast was fully marinated deeply till absorbed into the meat. Perfect cook of the fries, crispy, and just the exact amount of one person portion. The execution of the plate was pretty "inviting" as it is colorful, filled with steam vegetables and 2 slices of watermelon.

Pink Lotus flower. How is my photography level? Well, still an amateur, but I am trying to improve it :)
Live your life to the fullest. i was with my friend, the woman in black, playing and enjoying the shiny field inside the restaurant. It was very hot at that time and my sun block didn't really give full protection, so I was kinda sunburnt after that, with the red face like a boiling crab.

Indonesia is rich in culture and traditional food that attract tourists to go here. Being a proud Indonesian woman, I hope that the beauty of bali could give a change to our economics level to better.
Bali, a paradise, a heaven, and a home to all of us, the Indonesians, and I hope that the government could maintain its beauty and uniqueness. :)

I was wearing:
Zara white top
Clothinc black short pants
Havaianas sandals
Salvatore Ferragamo Bracelet
Toywatch watch.

Location: Bebek Bengil, Ubud, Bali
Rate: 7/10

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