Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Bday Ivana (in Social House)

Yay ~ exam is ooo-ooo-verrrrrr. Holiday's atmosphere is coming to town already.
i just cant wait for my winter and christmas holidays to come and i just neeed some holidays and relaxations of hardworks from university life 

well, this post is a tribute for my friend, ivana, who has a bday on the 14th of November, and we are just able to give her a surprise on the 19 November in Social House. Happy Bday Ivana. :)

Mozarella Cheese Bread filled with tomato sauce. 4 pieces of crispy fried bread with cheese filling inside. super yummy :)

Passion Fruit Ice Tea. Fresh and sweet with good combination from the passion fruit :)

 Ivana's Birthday Cake. Chocolate Molten Cake. one of the best molten cake I have ever tried ! love the gooey choco fillings inside. not too sweet but just perfect 

my favorite cake, millefeuille.

Marinated Baby BBQ Chicken. a nice roasted chicken wif marinated sauce and served with dices of roasted and chicken and sambal terasi. YUMMY!!!!

Nutella CHOCO Milkshake with Marshmallow toppings :D. these kind of drinks always remind me of cold rainy days when you are sitting in a living room with a book on your right hand, and a cup of hot choco with marshmallow on your left. sweet, elegant, and yet simple. a good friend for your tea-time with a pice of velvet cake or some cupcakes :)
here is another post of choco-marshmallow drink on ONCE UPON A HOT CHOCOLATE

Social House is a good restaurant to have ur dinner and lunch served.
well-dressed would be appropriate cause this place is normally visited by many socialites and some middle-up people :)

Location: Social House, Grand Indonesia
Rate: 8/10

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